WhatsApp Chatbot for Small Businesses and Start-Ups


In this blog post, you will learn WhatsApp Chatbot for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

WhatsApp Chatbot for Small Businesses and Start-Ups

Businesses are transformed and adapted to the automation process. Automation is like it may be machine learning or Artificial intelligence. Every business needs to make a good customer experience for their customers, and also customer support availability is more important for every business. Solving customer queries and problem is the best part of the business, but humans can’t work 24 hours a day. That’s why automation entered the business. 

In today’s, AI-Powered chatbots are the best tools and platforms for business conversation and customer support. Chatbots can reduce human tasks and time. Also, Chatbots provide quick instant replies, solve problems, sales automation, online booking, etc. Let us discuss WhatsApp Chatbot for small and start-up businesses.

What is the WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp Chatbot provides the best human-like real-time experience Chatbot and it is the most popular conversational platform. WhatsApp Chatbot is the future business platform for marketing and customer support because of the audience’s favorite Chat application.

Nettyfish WhatsApp Chatbot provides AI-powered bot solutions for all industries. Even during non-business hours, the bot responds to all queries. Most top brands in India are using WhatsApp Chatbot for promotional messages, marketing, customer support, and sales automation purposes.

How to integrate WhatsApp Chabot?

Integrating the WhatsApp chatbot for your business is a very easy process. In the first step, you have to buy the no coded AI Powered WhatsApp Chatbot from the best Chatbot provider, after that, you have to connect and verify Chatbot with a Facebook business page. The final step of the Chatbot is creating a chart flow. chart flow is the most important thing to do in the WhatsApp Chatbot, proper chat flow reduces 80-90% of the human work in business. You can integrate WhatsApp Chatbot into Omni channels, like Facebook, Instagram, website, ecommerce website, and CRM software.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot for Small and Start-up Business

Instant Customer Support

Instant customer support with a quick responsive auto-reply feature makes the best customer experience and makes the customer more satisfied with your business. The instant customer support of the WhatsApp Chatbot provides all-time availability and solves most customer queries, problems, and FAQs. Also, customer support through WhatsApp is one of the best because most customers are using WhatsApp as their primary conversational application more than email and SMS.

All-Time Availability (24/7)

All-time availability is one of the best features of WhatsApp Chatbot. You don’t need to worry about non-business hours and non-working hours. WhatsApp Chatbot can help to solve queries and issues of customers 24/7. Also, Chatbot can help you to save the missing leads of non-business hours.

WhatsApp Business Promotions

WhatsApp business promotions, you can create and send WhatsApp broadcast campaigns to reach more audiences in less time at an affordable cost. A campaign helps to promote your business or brand to your audience and generate more leads for your business. Also, WhatsApp Chatbot helps convert leads into conversions.

Omni Channel Integration

WhatsApp Chatbot is also can integrate into many platforms. Omni channel integration, like Instagram, Facebook, websites, CRM software, and other social media. And also, using WhatsApp Chatbot links in all promotional campaigns, social media platforms, and posters to drive sales into the WhatsApp Chatbot to better conversion and easy-to-handle customer data.

Customer Data Handling

Customer data handling is also one of the best features of WhatsApp Chatbot. A chatbot is an API, so every conversation is saved in the cloud, and you can refer to your customer details and data anytime.

Easy Customer Query Solving

Auto-quick reply feature helps the customer easily solve their queries and problems without human interaction. Small businesses or start-up businesses can’t afford to hire assistants to handle customers, and human assistants are expensive and need to pay salaries for them. Human assistants don’t work more than 10 hours or during non-business hours. So, small businesses and start-up companies can use WhatsApp Chatbot to enhance customer service.


Business size doesn’t matter. It can be a start-up, small or big business, but the way of using the WhatsApp Chatbot really matters. You can reach Nettyfish Solutions for the best WhatsApp Chatbot in India.