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Virtual Mobile Number

A Virtual Phone Number Is Not Connected To Any Physical Network And Can Handle Unlimited Calls Simultaneous

Virtual Phone Number For Your Business Enrichment

Calls that arrive at a virtual phone number can be tracked and monitored effectively. You don't need a physical phone line in your office to communicate with clients or prospects. To make and receive calls, you can use a virtual phone number the same way as a regular phone number.

Using the same phone number, your inbound teams and field agents can interact with customers without any physical networks. Nettyfish Solutions offers the Best Virtual phone number service in India. You can enhance your customer support with an effective Toll-free number.

Features Of Our Virtual Mobile Number


Customize the operation to meet your specific business requirements.

Call logging

You can record and monitor calls in order to make better business decisions.

Reports of Phone Calls

Get detailed analytics on all of your campaigns, including call status information.


Using IVR, you can provide your customers with a consistent experience every time they call you.

Intelligent Call Routing

Our automated call distribution feature automatically routes customer calls to the appropriate agents based on their needs.

Call Queuing

Enable call queuing to place customers in a virtual queue if all agents are unavailable. You can play a tone or a recording until the customer is connected.

Why You Need Virtual Phone Number For Business

It is a cloud-based telephone number that is an essential component of the cloud telephony system. You can easily use virtual numbers to enhance your business communication and customer engagement. In order to make or receive secure calls, your agents can use their own devices for official communication purposes. Your business needs can be met by customizing call flows. Calls made on any device you choose with features of Call recording, analytics, and parallel ringing can all be enabled.

Virtual Number For WhatsApp

One of the key benefits of using Nettyfish Solutions for your virtual number for WhatsApp is that we offer a user-friendly interface that can be easily customized to meet your business needs. Our platform also offers detailed analytics and reporting to help you track the effectiveness of your communication strategies and improve your overall customer experience. Make secure calls or conversations with customers or employees in a click.

Benefits Of Virtual Phone Numbers In India

Ensure customer privacy and zero lead leakage by using a number masking solution that conceals customer and agent information during a live call.

To reduce churn and provide streamlined customer engagement, easily classify and nurture all quality leads.

Track every inbound and outbound calls that can be a potential business opportunity and engage proactively to increase its conversion.

Receive actionable data insights on call performance, as well as call logs, to improve customer service.

Never miss a lead by routing customer calls to specific agents based on their availability, caller history, and location.

To manage business calls from anywhere, forward all customer calls to agents' mobile numbers as well as landlines.