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WhatsApp Marketing

WhatsApp is the most widely used communication tool worldwide. Most people in the world are using WhatsApp for business communication and also for a personal chats. WhatsApp has a huge number of user in all age groups. WhatsApp marketing is the most reliable tool for businesses of all size. Most small and corporate companies are using WhatsApp marketing to promote their products and send offers to customers as it is easy, low-cost, and reaches more people efficiently. You can handle all the leads from WhatsApp itself. WhatsApp Business API can send bulk WhatsApp messages to a wider audience. You can promote a product, share information, share the status of ticket booking or orders, and also send offers and discounts to make customer buy more products.

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Why Does Your Business Need A
WhatsApp Business API

2 billion users are using WhatsApp as a personal conversation app
90-98% of WhatsApp has a higher open rate comparing SMS and email.
70-80% of conversion rate. It is massively higher than other marketing platforms.
75-85% of the customer queries were resolved and

Empower Customer Rapport With WhatsApp Business API

Engage and retain your customers with a good relationship on their favorite conversation platform. Deploy a chatbot that’ll engage with customers 24/7 ensuring no potential clients are left behind. Nettyfish Solutions is the best WhatsApp Business API provider in India.

WhatsApp Business API Unlocking Powerful Features

As a leading WhatsApp Business API service provider in India, we bring you the key features that will revolutionize your business communication.

Establish credibility with a verified business profile, featuring the coveted WhatsApp green tick, corporate logo, and detailed information. Build trust and security for your customers.

Seamlessly connect with your customers by sending timely purchase updates, account notifications, and friendly reminders.

Go beyond simple text and engage your audience with media-rich content. Share audio files, videos, documents, photos, location details, and even include clickable CTA buttons for immediate action.

Drive conversions and retain loyal customers with targeted promotional messages. Personalize your offers and promotions to keep your opted-in customers engaged and interested.  

Make conversations more interactive and user-friendly. Add reply buttons and list choices to facilitate easy transactions, returns, inquiries, and complaint handling. 


Enrich Your Customer Loyalty With
WhatsApp Automation

Customized Notifications To Customers

Schedule Customized notifications to your customers and engage them on WhatsApp. The customized messages also help to clear abandoned carts on ecommerce.

Instant Auto Reply To Queries

Automate sales, customer support, and query solving with WhatsApp chatbot. In 10 minutes, you can create and integrate a chatbot with a simple drag-and-drop method as we feature a no-code design. The ability to send automated instant replies and reminders keeps customers informed and motivated to buy. It will reduce human interaction and customer satisfaction.

Schedule Your Marketing Messages

WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to send automated, scheduled messages to customers. You can send notifications, reminders, and promotions on specific dates automatically.

Benefits of Nettyfish's WhatsApp Business API

Discover the endless possibilities with Nettyfish’s WhatsApp Business API and revolutionize your business communication

Send Creative Notifications

Engage your customers with creative and personalized notifications that capture their attention and drive action.

Broadcast Promotional Messages

Leverage the power of WhatsApp Business API to broadcast promotional messages to your opted-in customers, ensuring compliance and expanding your reach.

Notify Relevant Updates

Keep your customers informed with timely updates about product launches, offers, and important business announcements. Build customer loyalty by staying connected.

Improve Customer Engagement

Utilize the interactive features of WhatsApp Business API to engage your customers in meaningful conversations. Foster two-way communication and enhance customer satisfaction.

Exceed Customer Expectations With Verified WhatsApp API

Establish trust and credibility with the coveted verified WhatsApp API, featuring the green tick. Deliver a secure and authentic messaging experience to your customers.

Fast And Secure Promotions On WhatsApp API

With WhatsApp Business API, you can create message templates that make it quick and easy to communicate with your customers. Also, use broadcast feature to share updates and notifications with customized buttons for your customers to engage and interact easily. 

Send promotions through WhatsApp, like promoting products or services, offers, and stock reminders on WhatsApp to get more reliable customers. 

Accelerate more sales and sell directly on WhatsApp commerce. Buy products or book services on WhatsApp without a click on any other link or website. 


Advantages of WhatsApp Business API

Explore the numerous benefits of leveraging WhatsApp Business API for your business communication


Reach Any Geography

Expand your reach and connect with customers worldwide by delivering messages and providing support in multiple languages, thanks to template support.

User Safety

Prioritize user safety and build trust by allowing users to opt-in following a specific event, ensuring they have complete control over their messaging preferences.

Simple Onboarding

Experience faster onboarding and secure transactions with our seamless customer care assistance, making your transition to WhatsApp Business API hassle-free.

Monitor Real-Time Insights

Gain valuable insights into the performance of your campaigns with real-time tracking of campaign status and ROI. Use this data to optimize your future campaigns effectively.

Templates for Interactive Messages

Leverage the power of interactive message templates offered by WhatsApp Business API. Benefit from predefined 'Call-to-action' buttons and 'Quick reply choices' to engage customers and track their responses.

Monitor Analytics

Dive into comprehensive analytics to understand how customers interact with your business. Analyze top customer queries and drop-off rates to enhance your customer service and provide relevant answers at the right time.


Frequently Asked Questions

yes, you can create product showcases and purchase automation.

Yes, it will. WhatsApp chatbot solves most of the queries by conversation flow. but you have to update all the queries and solutions in the chatbot.

Yes, of course, you can use WhatsApp API for sharing information, classroom activities, exam schedule, and attendance updates. 

It’s an automated conversation by the WhatsApp chatbot. But it is a two-communication conversation. AI WhatsApp chatbot provides interactive chat support to customers.