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Manufacturing Solutions

Nettyfish Solutions Offers Multiple Roles In The Manufacturing Industry.



Our Marketing Solutions For Manufacturers

Nettyfish Solutions offers many marketing Solutions for various businesses and industries in India. Marketing solutions assist your manufacturing business in promoting products and services, increasing brand awareness, and reaching new customers. We provide data-driven insights and target market analysis to help you to understand your audience and develop marketing strategies. Try our marketing Solutions to promote and engage your audience on various channels such as SMS, WhatsApp social media, email, and search engine optimization, you can reach your target audience and increase conversions. Our marketing solutions also help manufacturers to understand the competitive landscape, and strategies to remain competitive. With the help of marketing solutions, You can optimize your marketing efforts and increase your bottom line.


Omnichannel Marketing Solutions For
Manufacturing Sector

Omnichannel Marketing Solutions for your manufacturing sector, you can try our Omnichannel marketing Solutions to

Improve branding
Drive communication
Increase Engagement
Use Across All Platforms
Promote your products on all channels

Assist Customer Care

The first role is to help employees receive accurate information regarding the processes involved in various levels of production without time delay and to assist customer care representatives. The second role is to help customers with their queries.

Handling floor queries

Swift access to public data

Product recommendations

Supplies and inventory check

Update delivery notifications

chat boed

Chatbot Use Cases

Manufacturing sectors have to deal with business functions and customer inquiries on a huge scale. When the communication is manual that could lead to inefficiency and delay the turn around time to the customers.

It can simplify a variety of tiresome tasks and attract suppliers right from the first interaction till they get transformed into your customer.

Bulk SMS Services For Manufacturers

You can use bulk SMS to reach and target millions of audiences through just one message. You can use Bulk SMS Service to

Respond instantly

Delivery schedules

Improves overall customer service and support

Improves customer engagement and satisfaction

Promotions to suppliers, distributors, and customers

A cost-effective way to reach a large number of people

Send targeted and personalized messages to audiences