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Automobile showroom, shop or garage no matter what your business generate more leads and drive sales with ease. It’s time to revamp your marketing and customer engagement strategies with our services.

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Rev up your Automobile Business and Promote Sales

Generate Leads

Generate qualified leads for your business from multiple sources and save prospect information in a streamlined manner for timely follow-ups.

Promote Sales

Bring attention to the new vehicle models available at your showrooms. Share pictures and videos of vehicles you sell along with limited period discounts and benefits on purchase.

Auto-Schedule Service Bookings

Promote and schedule the automobile services you offer for repair, rental and maintenance of vehicles.

Used Cars Reselling

If your automobile business also resells vehicles, proactively reach promote the same to your audiences.

Auto-Respond to Mechanical FAQs

Offer post-purchase and post-service consultation, also address FAQs using automations.

Collect Customer Documents

Be it for a purchase or booking a service, collect consumer documents like ID proof, driving license, insurance, bills and more over an encrypted chat and share them easily.

Text, Talk, Listen

Enterprise SMS

Keep your customers informed about the latest promotions, vehicle launches, and service reminders. Send order confirmations, OTPs, and personalized thank-you messages for a seamless customer experience.

Voice Key Input

Gather valuable audience feedback by allowing them to respond using their mobile keypads (1 to 9). Use this data to understand customer preferences and fine-tune your offerings.

IVR Service

Connect customers to the right department in large organizations to resolve customer’s problems quickly. Ensure a smooth and efficient customer service experience, enhancing your brand reputation.

Automated WhatsApp

WhatsApp Chatbot

Implement chatbots for automated and personalized customer interactions. Provide instant responses to inquiries, schedule service appointments, test drives, walk-ins, take bookings and offer a unique customer support experience.

WACTO – Omnichannel

Reach customers through multiple entry points, from SMS to social media, creating a cohesive brand presence. Seamlessly integrate your marketing efforts for maximum impact and grow your automobile business by connecting with them directly.

Messaging Power Play


Utilize our SMS API to send personalized messages, membership reminders, service updates and reminders, and transactional alerts. Craft dynamic SMS content with variables to engage your audience effectively.

WhatsApp API

Enable transactional capabilities on WhatsApp, making it easier for customers to book services, enquire, list out your vehicles, offers and access personalized content. Boost customer trust and loyalty with a secure and convenient messaging channel.

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Fine-Tuning your Business Presence

Whether you're a dealership, service center, or part of the automotive manufacturing chain, our services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Harness the power of our services today!

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