5 Ways To Drive Leads and Conversion on WhatsApp


In this blog post, you will learn 5 Ways To Drive Leads and Conversion on WhatsApp

5 Ways To Drive Leads and Conversion on WhatsApp

Lead generation is the process of getting a potential audience for your business. Lead generation is one of the processes, and conversion is another crucial step in business. Conversion is the process of converting the potential audience to the customer of your business. 

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What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is one of the best digital platforms for marketing for all types of businesses. WhatsApp marketing has a higher conversion rate than email or SMS. WhatsApp marketing has a higher success rate since most audiences use WhatsApp as their primary communication app. You can send bulk Messages with media like pdf, images, or videos with the content of a message. You can reach and attract more people through WhatsApp marketing. WhatsApp marketing is helpful for not only business and sales. It also helps run an election campaign, an education admission promotion campaign, and more. 

WhatsApp Lead Generation and Conversion

Lead Generation is the first and foremost part of a sales funnel. A larger top-of-the-funnel demands its sales team more people to work with and more people to sell. WhatsApp Chatbot can get your customers to give you their details by adding a click-to-chat link to your ads. Once your customer sends you a message, you automatically get their name and phone number. You can also get more details like email ID or location via the WhatsApp chatbot.

Tips to drive more leads and conversion on WhatsApp

Bulk Message Campaign

The bulk messages campaign in WhatsApp is also called WhatsApp broadcast message. WhatsApp bulk message feature is the best tool for marketing and promotions for your product, business, and abandoned cart. You can reach more people with a bulk message campaign. It will help you to send bulk WhatsApp promotions to your beloved customers and not qualified leads. WhatsApp campaigns also have a scheduling feature. Once you schedule the message in WhatsApp Business API, it will post messages at the perfect time to your customers.

Use WhatsApp chatbot Link in Omni Platforms

Omni channel marketing strategy is one of the best Solutions for more leads and customers. Engage your customer in the Omni channel by using the WhatsApp chatbot link in every channel to drive your leads to WhatsApp. Once the customer begins to text, the WhatsApp chatbot will collect the detail of the customer. Omni channel platforms help to generate more leads and sales to WhatsApp. 

Use QR Code on All Posters

Use the WhatsApp chatbot QR code on all the platforms and all the creative posters to get more leads and customers on WhatsApp. Once the customer sends a message, you can convert them by WhatsApp easily because WhatsApp is a famous and trusted application for most people. 

WhatsApp Chatbot Button On Website and Social Media Ads

Use WhatsApp chatbot virtual button on websites and social media ads campaigns to drive your target audience to WhatsApp to handle the leads and data in one place. Also, during non-business hours chatbot bot will handle the customer queries and collect leads details. 

Create Perfect Chatbot Flow

Create a perfect chatbot flow to engage your customers or leads with fully automated business conversations in WhatsApp chatbot. You can convert your customers at any time without human interaction. Also, help your business available for 24/7 support. WhatsApp chatbot collects lead details and solves FAQs without any assistance. 


Drive sales to WhatsApp to make it easier to handle customer data, solve queries, convert leads, retain customer trust, promotion, and more. You can use WhatsApp marketing for retargeting abandoned carts. If you intend to begin WhatsApp marketing for your company, visit Nettyfish for better Solutions and effective WhatsApp service in India.