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Emphasizing your Business

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Reduction in cart abandonments

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Boost in conversion rates

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Automation in scheduling returns & refu nds

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Repeat order rate with existing customers

Streamlining the Sales Cycle for Enhanced Efficiency

Accelerate Sales Cycle

Leverage the power of our eCommerce chatbot to expedite the customer journey from awareness to purchase. Our chatbot offers highly-personalized product recommendations and engagements, converting casual visitors into valuable paying customers.

Effortless Order Management

Optimize your post-purchase operations by automating order updates, payment notifications, and return/refund processes to ensure that your customers are promptly informed of every step in their order journey.

WhatsApp: Your End-to-End Shopping Hub

Provide customers with a seamless shopping experience by enabling them to browse, add products to their cart, and make payments directly through WhatsApp. Our solution ensures an end-to-end shopping journey, all within the familiar WhatsApp interface.

Targeted Marketing, Higher-Quality Leads

Harness the potential of eCommerce chatbots to orchestrate comprehensive marketing campaigns across diverse channels. Deploy Conversational AI to engage customers with hyper-personalized content, resulting in better lead generation and conversion rates.

Promote, Sell, & Fulfil

Enterprise SMS

Engage with your customers on a personal level by sending them promotions, discounts, and product updates via SMS. The high open rate of SMS ensures that your messages are seen promptly, increasing the chances of conversion.

IVR Service

Collect real-time audience responses through mobile handsets by simply pressing keys 1 to 9. Gather instant feedback from your customers during surveys, product launches, or interactive campaigns. Gain a deeper understanding of customer preferences, pain points, and trends, allowing you to tailor your retail offerings for maximum impact.

Flexible To Adapt

WhatsApp Chatbot

Provide your customers with round-the-clock support through WhatsApp chatbots. These intelligent bots can answer common queries, assist with order tracking, and even help customers with product ecommendations, enhancing their shopping experience.

WACTO – Omnichannel

Connect with your audience through various channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Reach out to customers on their preferred platforms, ensuring that your messages are both convenient and effective.

Communication Needs Met


Integrate SMS capabilities into your retail software to send personalized messages, including order confirmations, delivery updates, and exclusive offers based on customer preferences. Increase brand loyalty by providing a tailored shopping experience to your customers.

WhatsApp API

Facilitate secure transactions through WhatsApp. Enable customers to make purchases, book tickets, or complete transactions with ease and security. The WhatsApp API ensures that sensitive data is handled securely.

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