DND Preference End User Options Explained

The activation of DND on a phone number under TRAI guidelines is not binary, i.e. it is not just DND Active/Inactive. There are preferences that the end-user can set for receiving messages based on the category of the message, while DND is enabled for them. If the end user chooses to receive SMS on select categories or for partially blocked registration, they can send SMS in this format: START to 1909.

START 0 - Fully blocked
START 1 - Banking, Insurance, Financial Products, and credit cards
START 2 - Real Estate
START 3 - Education
START 4 - Health
START 5 - Consumer goods and automobiles
START 6 - Communication, Broadcasting, Entertainment, and IT
START 7 - Tourism and Leisure

For instance, type START 4 to 1909, if you want to receive messages only on HEALTH.

Due to the above options, you may see inconsistent delivery for the same message sent to two DND numbers (this typically results in the status ” PRFT-NT-MTCH” populating for that number).
Please advise the end user/customer to reset the preference as shown above and they will start receiving your Service-explicit messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

DLT registration is mandated by TRAI to authenticate and regulate commercial communication. It aims to curb spam and ensure transparency in SMS marketing.

Any entity or organization sending commercial SMS in India needs to register on the DLT platform. This includes businesses, telemarketers, and entities sending promotional or transactional messages.

Generally, documents such as PAN card, Aadhar card, business registration, and identity proofs are needed. The registration process involves creating an account on the DLT platform, submitting necessary documents, and completing verification.

DLT registration ensures that only registered entities can send SMS. It enables filtering and reporting of unsolicited messages, promoting accountability and reducing spam.

The DLT platform may charge nominal fees for registration and renewal. Specifics regarding fees can be found on the DLT platform.

Depending on the DLT platform's policy, a single DLT account may support multiple businesses/entities under one umbrella.

Non-compliance with DLT regulations may lead to penalties, restrictions on sending SMS, or suspension of messaging services.

Approval times vary but can generally take a few days to a week. Upon approval, businesses can start sending SMS campaigns as per DLT guidelines.

Yes, Nettyfish offers guidance and support throughout the DLT registration process to ensure a seamless experience for users.

Yes, registered entities are required to adhere to TRAI's guidelines for sending promotional and transactional SMS, ensuring compliance with DLT regulations.