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Our solutions help the government to reach a maximum number of people with a single click.



Our Communication Solutions For Government Sectors

Nettyfish Solutions is a communication as a service provider in India. Nettyfish Solutions offers a variety of Solutions for businesses across all industries. We offer automated communication and conversation services for government sectors. Our Solutions help to provide the best services and 24/7 availability to the people. our Solutions help the government to reach a maximum number of people with a single click. In Chennai, most government sectors use our services to reach the public easily. We are providing bulk SMS services, WhatsApp API service, WhatsApp broadcast service, WhatsApp chatbot service, Voice broadcast service, and IVR services for government sectors.


Benefits Of WhatsApp Chatbot

Quick And Accessible

Government can provide citizens with quick and accessible information and services.


WhatsApp chatbots can revolutionize the way the government interacts with its citizens.

Streamline Services

WhatsApp chatbots can increase government transparency and improve citizen engagement.

Provide Information

Chatbots can be used to provide information on government schemes and benefits, answer frequently asked questions, track the status of services like passport applications, voter ID cards, and much more.


Automate Processes

WhatsApp chatbot features help the government to automate most of the processes like complaint registering, Appointment bookings, Checking the availability of higher officials, and more.

Automated Reply

WhatsApp chatbot’s fast automated reply feature and response help the government to interact with people at any time without live agents or human interactions.

Gather Feedback And Data

Chatbots can be used to gather feedback and data on government initiatives, helping government agencies make data-driven decisions.

24/7 Support

WhatsApp chatbot is one of the best features for government sectors to engage the public or people 24/7 with proper and quick customer support.

Bulk SMS Service For Government Sectors

SMS is the best and most effortless communication platform for more than a decade. Bulk SMS service is one of the popular communication services for most of the industry and sectors. Bulk SMS service can easily reach a maximum number of people or audiences within a minute. Most people open SMS in 5 minutes. 

Can be used for emergency alerts, information dissemination, and surveys or feedback sessions.

Can improve government communications and operations' efficiency, reach, and effectiveness.

Helps in promoting government schemes and programs, conducting elections, and sending reminders for payment of taxes, bills, and other government services.

Provides a fast, reliable, and cost-effective means of communication with citizens, which is crucial for maintaining transparency and accountability in governance.


WhatsApp API Service for Government Sectors

WhatsApp API is a crucial tool across all sectors and industries. WhatsApp APIs are used in many companies for marketing, conversations, promotions, client or customer handling, and customer support. Most government sectors and offices are using WhatsApp API for sending alerts, notifications, reminders, emergency alerts, and more. Nowadays in India, most of the government sectors use the WhatsApp API for Sending bulk messages, notifications, and alerts to create awareness for the people efficiently.


IVR Service For Government Sectors

IVR service helps Government sectors by streamlining communication processes, reducing wait times, and increasing efficiency. With IVR, citizens

Can access government services 24/7.

Eliminating the need to wait in long lines or make appointments.

System can handle a high volume of calls, reducing staff workload and freeing up time for more important tasks.

Offers the ability to access information and services via touch-tone commands, allowing for quick and easy access to information.

Can be integrated with existing systems and databases, providing real-time access to important information and allowing for faster decision-making.


Voice Broadcast Service For Government Sectors

Voice broadcasting helps government sectors in a number of ways. It allows government sectors to quickly disseminate important information to the public in the event of an emergency.

Helps government sectors to increase public engagement, and improve their overall services.

Enables political campaigns to reach out to a large number of voters in a short amount of time.

Enables government sectors to conduct quick surveys and polls to gather public opinion on various issues.

Provides an efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with citizens about services and programs.

Allows government sectors to communicate with citizens about voting locations, polling hours, and election information.