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Enterprise SMS

Enterprise bulk SMS is a cost-effective solution for many sectors.


Best Bulk SMS Service Provider In India

Businesses and corporate companies can leverage bulk SMS for marketing and communication purposes to promote or communicate with millions of audiences in a cost-effective manner. Bulk SMS is the easiest way to connect people or customers through mobile phones without an internet Facility. Most sectors use the bulk SMS feature for different purposes.

Bulk SMS is used for sending messages to clients and customers, circulars for employees, activities, reports for students, etc. Nettyfish provides the best bulk SMS API service in India. Choose Nettyfish for better service and friendly customer support.


Enterprise Bulk SMS Services

Enterprise bulk SMS is a cost-effective solution for many sectors. This bulk SMS service allows you to send all types of marketing messages, promotions, business communications, notifications, OTP services, and promotional SMS with attachments.

Also, you can send customized messages to customers, clients, and employees in more than 20 languages.

Attract Your Customers

Bulk SMS marketing can generate more leads by creating catchy content and attracting customers. SMS marketing lead generation has a higher conversion value than email marketing.

Sending Offers
and Coupons
Requesting Feedback
Flash Notifications
Sharing Vouchers and Reviews
Promoting Product

Our Bulk SMS Services

Promotional SMS is used to market businesses by sending discounts, flash notifications, offers, coupons, and vouchers to customers for promotion and lead generation. Delivering promotional SMS should only be to non-DND numbers, registering for DLT is mandatory, and the sender ID should be numeric. 9 AM to 9 PM is the most ideal time to send.
Transactional SMS is used to send transactional messages like bank money transactions, OTP verifications, circulars, and announcements. DLT registration is mandatory for transactional SMS, and promotional SMS content and templates are not allowed in transactional SMS. It can be sent using an alphabetic ID.
Offline SMS helps to send promotional and transactional SMS from 10-digit mobile numbers with certain criteria. Signup with the Enterprise SMS portal, and send an SMS with a 10-digit mobile number, 9 Am to 9 PM, Quick access to reports for promotional purposes.

Enterprise SMS

Powerful Dashboard

With our powerful dashboard, you can conveniently send multiple bulk SMS messages directly and efficiently manage all aspects from one centralized location.

Upload a Contact List

Effortlessly build a comprehensive database of your audience's contact names and numbers using our user-friendly upload feature, streamlining your communication efforts.

20+ Languages

With our SMS service, we cater to over 20+ languages, allowing you to send customized messages to your regional audiences, in their preferred language.

DLT Compliance

We strictly adhere to the latest DLT regulations to ensure transparency and maintain the safety of our end customers. Our commitment to DLT compliance guarantees a secure and trustworthy messaging experience.

Dynamic Field

Utilizing our dynamic field feature, you can easily incorporate crucial information into your SMS campaigns, ensuring a personalized touch that resonates with your recipients.

Developer API

Our Developer API provides comprehensive documentation for integrating single or multiple SMS functionality via HTTP, enabling seamless integration of bulk SMS capabilities into your website or software.

High Speed

Our SMS gateway operates at high speed, ensuring prompt delivery of your messages to potential customers, and guarantees effective communication with your target audience.

SSL Secure Gateway

Our bulk SMS gateway is fully SSL Secure, ensuring that your data is protected and providing you with peace of mind regarding the safety and security of your information.

Some Faq

Advantages of Enterprise SMS Services

High open rate

Experience the advantage of a high open rate with bulk SMS messaging, boasting an impressive +90% rate, increasing the likelihood of user engagement and making it one of the most effective forms of marketing available.

Quick delivery

Experience the efficiency of quick delivery with 98% of SMS messages being delivered within minutes. Bulk SMS proves to be the fastest form of communication, saving you valuable time and ensuring prompt message delivery.

High ROI

Achieve a higher ROI with minimal investment by leveraging the cost-effective nature of bulk SMS services. With the ability to reach your customers efficiently, this powerful communication tool offers a remarkable ROI, making it a smart choice for businesses.

Target Specific customers

Effectively target specific customers by segmenting them and creating SMS campaigns tailored to their specific interests. With the ability to categorize your customer base, you can maximize the impact of your messaging and engage with your audience on a more personalized level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, It’s a legal and effective way of marketing if it is registered with proper DLT registration.

You can use SMS marketing for both promotional and transactional SMS. It’s based on your business. 

Yes, SMS marketing gets more leads at a low cost. You can DO SMS marketing both online and offline. So, the audience receives their message without internet service on their phone. Even non-smartphone users also receive so it will get a good lead for your business.

The promotional message is like promoting your product or advertising your product or service by SMS marketing. 

A transactional message is like sending a money transfer message from the bank, ticket booking, ticket status, or pending status everything is about the transactional message.