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    Why Is Voice API Required

    Voice API is required for many purposes for your business. Consumers expect engaging conversations from voice APIs in ways they never imagined possible. Using voice APIs is more than just delivering a phone call it is a strategic way to improve customer service. Voice API helps customers without human interaction. Pre-recorded voice broadcast helps with the interactive response to customer queries, reduces human interaction, and work, and increases productivity. When you receive a high volume of calls at a time, it is not easy to handle the situation. Our Voice API helps handles more customer calls through an interactive voice response process.

    Voice API

    Outbound Call

    Voice Key Input

    Missed Call Services

    Virtual Mobile Number

    Interactive Voice
    Response – IVR

    Cloud Telephony
    Ai-Auto Dialer

    Communication Service With Voice API

    Voice Solution helps enrich business communication, automate voice customer support, automate outbound calls, and more. Voice Solution API is a Multi-channel communication platform and can be integrated with any CRM.

    what is otp


    Voice API ?

    The best approach to interacting with your consumers is through voice. It’s intimate, fast, and, most importantly, human. With our voice APIs you can enable programmatical monitoring, managing, and trigger voice calls. You may link voice conversations with your CRM, Helpdesk, applications, websites, and other systems using Nettyfish Solutions APIs for a better customer experience.

    Voice Broadcast Development Of Business

    Increase Productivity

    You can save your template and see the history of old templates. You can use it again easily without creating a new one.

    Auto Queries Solving

    The automated and self-operating feature of IVR enables automated responses to common customer queries and answers to basic operations.

    Voice API Integration

    Nettyfish Solutions is the best provider of Voice API Solutions in India. It Makes it easy to integrate with your deck of software.

    Easy Multi-Channel Integration

    Easily integrate voice solutions into your existing CRMs and keep your business running smoothly.

    Monitoring Calls

    You can save your template and see the history of old templates. You can use it again easily without creating a new one.

    Enhance Branding

    Enhance your branding by promotion, and enhancing customer experience makes trustworthy customers for your brand.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    yes, you can create product showcases and purchase automation.
    Yes, it will. WhatsApp chatbot solves most of the queries by conversation flow. but you have to update all the queries and solutions in the chatbot.
    Yes, of course, you can use WhatsApp API for sharing information, classroom activities, exam schedule, and attendance updates.
    It’s an automated conversation by the WhatsApp chatbot. But it is a two-communication conversation. AI WhatsApp chatbot provides interactive chat support to customers.