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Nettyfish enterprise platform has a live tracking for your campaigns


SMS Campaigns

Track SMS Campaigns

Nettyfish enterprise platform has a live tracking for your campaigns as it gives you the deep insights of your marketing as well as transaction campaigns. Tracking the click-throughs of your SMS campaign by grouping up whoever has clicked your URL. While getting started with SMART SMS campaign, you can first add on Auto Respondents and add agents and groups.

Here Auto respondent messages are pre set messages where in client can get sms with recipients mobile number details for each and every click done by number of SMS recipients. Agents are added to set the destination mobile numbers for each campaign for sending auto respondent messages. Groups to be added to store the data of receipients who clicked the URL SMS live tracking metrics provides a graph with recipients operator tracking like airtel, Vodafone, jio etc.., date and time tracking, device tracking like IOS, Android, Windows, mobile number tracking, location tracking. This option is to optimize your campaign in a smarter way to get in touch with your genuine targeted customers.


SMS Solution

Enterprise Smart SMS Solution

SMART SMS Campaign
Auto Respondent

Nettyfish Enterprise SMART SMS solution provides various ways to extend capabilities of Salesforce CRM, making it easy to manage all the leads between panels, send and retrieve data, and ensure that customer's needs are fulfilled up-to-date. SMART SMS will allow you to easily create smart links with URL shorteners and you can make SMS attachments. Yes, you Don’t have to worry if your SMS needs to have an attachment, we’ve got it covered for you. Attach your files in any format like mp3, mp4, jpeg, pdf, png, etc… When you have the option to send SMS with attachments you can even send Video invitations, Invoice PDFs, Images, and Website URLs to promote your products. It has an advanced feature where you can even group up the recipient’s mobile numbers from which your SMS URL is clicked.

You can even inform your customers about special offers by sending SMS attachments. This enterprise SMART SMS solution helps to develop any kind of business just by not missing any leads. Using SMART SMS, you can bring in and group up genuine customers interested in your products.

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Easy To Customize in few steps

Go to “Compose Smart SMS”. Select the required “Sender ID”. Add contact list/Add contact number

In “Enter message” section click on “Select Template” option and select any one of the templates that you want to send

In the place of variable you can add the URL (Image/PDF/Website URL/Video/invite) by clicking on smart link icon. In the display URL field the URL will be shortened

If you want to save the contact numbers of audience who clicked smart Link, select add contacts in group (Note: You need to create a group name before choosing this option- Select group -> Add New -> Group Name) If you want to notify your agent regarding details of users who clicked on your link you can click on “Send SMS notification to agent, when the recipient clicks on Smart Link" (Note: You need to add agents by clicking on Manage agent under Smart SMS option. Give agent's Name, Mobile no and Email ID)

Then click on Insert link. Send Smart SMS


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find your potential leads through the clicks of the smart link.

Yes, you can use Smart URL in all the SMS campaigns to find out the report.

There are many companies that provide Smart SMS URL tracking. You can reach Nettyfish for better service and we are one of the top best companies that provide all types of SMS services.

You can track the number of user clicks, date, time, network provider, and type of device.

There are 20 to 22 characters in the Smart URL link.