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Drive 3X sales to Your Store

The food and beverages industry faces the challenge of not only offering mouthwatering delicacies but also reaching customers effectively and enhancing their dining experiences.

Emphasizing your Business

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Automation on Orders

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Customer Traffic Handled

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Increase in vendor management

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Increase in reservations

Increase Customer to 80%

Streamline the Sales Cycle

Utilize the chatbot to bridge the gap between awareness and efficiency, turning visitors into paying customers more swiftly.

Present and Vend Products Directly via WhatsApp

Offer a comprehensive dining experience by enabling customers to explore your products on WhatsApp, inquire about them, and make reservations seamlessly.

Automate Order Updates, Payment Alerts, and Table Reservations

Optimize your business operations through the chatbot. Employ WhatsApp message templates to effortlessly share these essential updates.

Execute Precision Marketing Campaigns and Generate High-Quality Leads

Conduct comprehensive marketing initiatives across diverse channels. Employ Conversational AI for hyper-personalized customer targeting and engagement.

Cooking Up Success

Enterprise SMS for Sizzling Promotion

Spice up your marketing efforts with our Enterprise SMS service. Use it for promoting daily specials, new menu items, and limited-time offers. Enhance customer engagement by sending informative messages about your restaurant, including its history, chef's specialties, and unique ambiance. Say 'Thank You' in style with SMS messages expressing gratitude for reservations and dine-ins.

Your Digital Waiter for Effortless Dining

WhatsApp Chatbot for Effortless Communication

Embrace automation with our WhatsApp Chatbot, your reliable digital waiter. It offers an automated chat flow to handle inquiries, table reservations, and menu recommendations efficiently. Make your customers feel special by offering personalized recommendations based on their dining history and preferences. Streamline the ordering process by allowing customers to place orders directly through WhatsApp, boosting convenience and reducing wait times.

WACTO – Omnichannel for Seamless Engagement

In today's multichannel world, our WACTO – Omnichannel service ensures your brand is accessible from various entry points. Customers can interact with your restaurant seamlessly across platforms, from websites to social media, creating a consistent and engaging experience. Use it to build a loyal customer base by offering rewards, personalized experiences, and real-time updates about special events and promotions.

Spice up your Promotions and Updates

SMS API for Tailored Engagement

Our SMS API service provides a versatile tool to engage with your audience effectively. Create personalized messages, including special offers and discounts, to attract and retain customers. Send reservation confirmations, order updates, and delivery notifications to keep customers informed and engaged. Use variable content to customize messages with customer names, order details, and unique codes for a personal touch.

WhatsApp API for Enhanced Transactions

Elevate your customer's dining experience with the WhatsApp API. Allow them to make reservations, inquire about menu items, and even place orders directly through WhatsApp. Provide a seamless and secure transaction process, enabling customers to pay their bills without leaving the app. Offer personalized communication and recommendations to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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