Avoid (Service Explicit) DND Delivery Failure: Latest DLT Update 2024

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Avoid-DND-Delivery-Failure-Latest-DLT-Update 2024

Avoid (Service Explicit) DND Delivery Failure: Latest DLT Update 2024

DLT registration mandated by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), is crucial for businesses engaging in bulk messaging. It ensures compliance with regulations, enhancing transparency and accountability. Businesses submit details, consent templates, and sender IDs for approval through DLT platforms to curb unsolicited communication and protect privacy. Adhering to DLT regulations maintains lawful practices, mitigates spam, and fosters credibility.

Understanding implicit and Explicit SMS services


What is Service Implicit SMS?

Service Implicit SMS is employed for sending OTPs, crucial notifications, alerts, and reminder messages to registered customers. This message will be delivered to DND numbers as well.

What is Service Explicit SMS?

Service Explicit SMS is utilized to send offers, discounts, or service updates to existing customers. These messages can only be delivered to customer preference DND numbers.

TRAI's New Guidelines on Digital Consent Acquisition

What Customers Need to Know About DLT?

In the digital era, communication regulations evolve to safeguard consumer data. TRAI’s latest directives on Digital Consent Acquisition affect how operators validate consent for messages. As a DLT customer, it’s vital to grasp these changes and their impact on messaging processes.

TRAI's Directive and Its Implications:

On June 2nd, 2023, TRAI mandated operators to verify digital consent for promotional and service explicit messages. Before delivery, consent must be confirmed through digital channels. If not found on DLT, a Do Not Disturb (DND) check will follow. Messages are delivered only after these checks.

Implementation of New Scrubbing Logic

To comply with TRAI’s directive, operators will implement new scrubbing logic for Service Explicit Messages, effective from January 16, 2024. Under the new logic, Service Explicit messages will first undergo a consent check. If consent is available, the message will proceed to delivery. If consent status is “No,” the system will then check the DND status. Messages will fail at the scrubber level if the DND status is “Fully Blocked” or “Promo Block.” Only messages where the DND status is not registered will be passed for delivery.

Impact on Opt-ins

It’s important to note that under the new guidelines, all existing paper, email, online, database screenshot, and website reference Opt-ins will be considered invalid. Only Digitally Acquired Consents will be recognized as valid consent against Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) complaints. This emphasizes the need for operators to ensure that consent is obtained through digital channels to comply with regulatory requirements.

Conclusion - Latest Update of DLT Registration

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