Simple ideas to send effective bulk SMS campaigns

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In this blog post, you will learn Simple ideas to send effective bulk SMS campaigns

Simple ideas to send effective bulk SMS campaigns

Introduction of SMS campaigns

SMS campaign is a tool for communicating, sharing information, news, and flash notification to people. SMS campaign works as a platform for sending messages in bulk to more people at the same time. It helps very a useful tool for most sectors is now a day. All businesses and corporate have using the SMS service for most purposes. In an SMS campaign, you can send bulk SMS, track messages and customize templates, etc. Every SMS has only 160 characters per message so sending the SMS in below 160 characters with a stuffed correct marketing strategy is called SMS marketing. SMS marketing is a better way of promoting business to more people at a low cost through Bulk SMS service.

Ideas for an effective bulk SMS campaign

SMS campaign, SMS is a short message service. It only has 160 characters in one message. So major role of SMS is played by the content of the SMS. In an SMS campaign content is like a fire and the campaign is fuel. Let’s discuss the simple ideas to send an effective message in SMS marketing or campaign.

Short and best content

Short content is the major and fundamental rule of SMS service. It Must have only 160 characters in one message. If it is exceeded means you can’t send an SMS campaign or it’s not a good SMS strategy. If you send more than 160 characters exceeded means it will count as a 2 SMS which leads double the rate of SMS cost. So, try to make short and sweet content to do a better SMS campaign. Also, creative and catchy content makes the reader impressed. Don’t bore or irritate your viewers.

Introduce yourself first and your company

In SMS marketing you have to introduce yourself or your company, it will help the reader or viewer to identify who you are. Don’t introduce too much, because it only has 160 characters. Introduce yourself within 20 characters or 25.

Add Call-to-action or link

When you do the SMS campaign, must add Call-to-action, web link, or tracking link for viewers or readers to reach you. Add a link by shortening the link. If you do an SMS campaign without call-to-action. There is no use in that. It’s a waste of time and a waste of cost.

Do it at the perfect time

SMS marketing also has proper timing for reaching people. People never view your message during busy times or office hours. So timing is an important one in SMS marketing. Run SMS campaign during the correct time to get more leads.

Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes

SMS marketing is short message marketing, when you do spell mistakes and grammar mistakes in the message or content it will bring a bad impression from the viewer’s side. They never read your message after that.

short and sweet marketing strategy

In SMS marketing, marketing strategy is an important one but don’t try to stuff the marketing strategy too much in the SMS marketing. Providing offers, discounts, and special offers in the SMS is a great idea.

Avoid rapid and continuous messages

Try to avoid rapid and continuous messages to the viewers without a gap or on the same day. It will make the customer irritate more. So, avoid those mistakes in SMS marketing.

Avoid local slang and abbreviations

In SMS Marketing avoid using Local slang and abbreviation to avoid the miss communication. Viewers can’t understand local slang and abbreviation. Try to avoid this type of basic mistake to do better.


SMS marketing is attractive and also has a 29% conversion rate. So, SMS marketing is an important one for promotion and transactional messages. Most of the business and service sectors use SMS marketing and bulk SMS for whereas purposes. If you are planning to do the Bulk SMS service for your business or service, don’t worry about it Nettyfish solution travel with you to develop your business with digital marketing or Bulk SMS service. Reach us for more details our expertise will help you with clearing doubts and explains how we work and how it works.