DO’s and DON’TS OF SMS marketing

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In this blog post, you will learn DO’s and DON’TS OF SMS marketing

DO’s and DON’Ts OF SMS marketing

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is a powerful tool for promoting new products, offers, or services through short and concise messages. With the majority of people reading SMS within a few minutes of receiving them, SMS marketing can generate traffic and leads at a low cost. There are two types of Bulk SMS campaigns – promotional messages for product promotion, brand awareness, remarketing, and new product awareness, and transactional messages for bank transactions, college fees, and other transaction-related messages.

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DO of SMS marketing

To ensure effective SMS marketing, it is important to follow certain rules and regulations. As SMS is a Short Message Service, it can only contain up to 160 characters, making it important to keep the content concise and to the point. The content should also include a call to action or web link to engage customers. Most people tend to read or view SMS messages within 10 minutes, making it important to use this short window of time to make an impact. SMS marketing also has a higher conversion value when compared to email marketing.

Short and Sweet SMS Marketing

As mentioned earlier, an SMS has a limit of 160 characters. Viewers expect concise and to-the-point content. If the content is too lengthy, explaining everything about the company, product, and marketing strategy, viewers are likely to ignore the message. Short and sweet content, however, is more likely to grab the viewer’s attention and stimulate them to click on the link or CTA button out of curiosity or anticipation. Therefore, short and sweet content is ideal for effective SMS marketing.

Promote With Offers to stimulate the viewers

SMS marketing is a useful tool to promote new products and remarket to regular customers. Providing special offers, discounts, and free services through SMS marketing can encourage customers to make repeat purchases. Catchy content and good offers can help grab the viewers’ attention and increase their desire to buy the product.

Web link or CTA in SMS marketing

It is essential to include a call to action or web link when planning an SMS marketing campaign. This allows you to target the right audience for conversions and even track viewers using a smart link to get targeted leads. Content without a CTA or web link is ineffective for the message.

Do Register your SMS marketing

To ensure legal and trustworthy messages in SMS marketing, it is necessary to register with a DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) registration. Without DLT registration, SMS marketing messages may be considered as spam or junk and may not be trusted or read by people.

Don’ts of SMS marketing

Bulk SMS marketing companies often make the mistake of overloading the content with marketing strategies. It is important not to overload or inject marketing strategies in the content. The SMS should be short, effective, and catchy to make the campaign more successful. Avoid irritating viewers with unattractive content and too many messages.

Don’t send lengthy content

Avoid including lengthy content in your SMS marketing campaign. The content is the most critical component of SMS marketing, and viewers prefer short and captivating content. Keep the content within 160 characters since SMS messages have a limit of 160 words.H3: Don’t try to dump the marketing strategy

SMS marketing is an effective and concise way of promoting products or services. Almost 90% of people read their SMS messages within 10 minutes of receiving them. However, the success of SMS marketing depends on the content of the message, and it is important not to overload the message with marketing strategy. It’s better to keep the message short and sweet, with a brief description of the company or product, special offers, and a clear call-to-action or web link included in the content.

Don’t use local slang or short forms

It is advisable not to use local slang or abbreviations in SMS marketing content because it can confuse or make it difficult for the viewers to understand the message. It is better to use appropriate language and avoid the use of abbreviations in SMS marketing.

Don’t send Rapid and Continues Message

Sending continuous messages to the audience can be irritating and may lead them to block or ignore the messages. It’s not an effective way of Bulk SMS marketing. Therefore, it’s important to avoid sending rapid and frequent messages to the audience. It’s better to wait for a while before sending the next message.

Choose the correct Bulk SMS marketing provider

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