Effective use of WhatsApp business chatbot API in food & beverages?


In this blog post, you will learn Effective use of WhatsApp business chatbot API in food & beverages

Effective use of WhatsApp business chatbot API in food & beverages?

Introduction of WhatsApp business API with Chatbot

WhatsApp business chatbot is the future of customer care and support. Most businesses are using the WhatsApp business application for business purposes. WhatsApp business applications have more useful features for business. Nowadays, WhatsApp business API with chatbot assistant helps to engage the customers 24*7.

Are you planning to integrate the WhatsApp business API for business, then try it with the WhatsApp chatbot? You can use the WhatsApp chatbot for more features and engage your customer always.

WhatsApp is a good and comfortable platform for communication. Most people like WhatsApp because it’s comfortable and user-friendly. All age groups people can easily use WhatsApp as a personal chat platform. WhatsApp Business is an application for business people who do WhatsApp for primary business conversations. WhatsApp Business has a lot of features. Now WhatsApp chatbot is a feature for handling business and customers.

WhatsApp business benefits in the food & beverages sector

Now we discuss the WhatsApp business and chatbot uses in the food & beverage sectors. The food & beverages sectors mostly do business online. But the situation has changed nowadays. After the pandemic crisis in 2019, everything has changed online. Most people want to buy, sell or order foods online. Because still, most people don’t work in site. People love online more than offline, which makes most sectors transmitted to an online process. WhatsApp chatbot is the best platform for taking feedback, promotion, solving queries, booking orders, and delivery updates.

Order without Human interaction in restaurants

A customer can order foods or beverages without talking to human interaction or no need to install a unique application for an order. WhatsApp chatbot has the menu of the restaurant or cafe. When the customer orders the food, the WhatsApp chatbot will take the order and reduce the work of humans in conversation. Mostly 80% of the conversation work has been done by the WhatsApp chatbot.

WhatsApp as a food order platform in Restaurant

Nowadays, people are willing to order foods online through food delivery platforms like Swiggy, Zomato, or uber. So, it is the best way to keep your customer’s order directly with you on WhatsApp. Promote dishes and offers on WhatsApp to your customers. They will order directly through your WhatsApp.

Share QR code or WhatsApp chatbot link

Share your QR code or WhatsApp chatbot link in all the marketing and ads. It will help the customer to easy and comfortable making a conversation. Share your chatbot QR code in a bill to reach out to more customers for orders from WhatsApp. Also, they may book an appointment for the table on WhatsApp.

Promote and Branding

WhatsApp chatbot also works as a marketing tool. You can send bulk WhatsApp marketing through the WhatsApp business chatbot campaign feature. Promote the restaurant with new dishes, offers, discounts to reach more customers, and goodwill for the brand.

Solving queries

WhatsApp chatbot helps in solving queries of the customers without human interaction. 60-80 % of queries solve by Chatbot, and human work reduces due to the chatbot. Also, the chatbot works 24/7. Also, it engages your customers during non-business hours.

Intaking feedback

When people order food online, takeaway, or visit a restaurant, you can intake the feedback through WhatsApp by asking them for mobile numbers while they bill. Intaking the feedback of the customer and handling it is easy.


Food and beverages are a good sector because it is a basic need. So, you can develop them with a good marketing strategy, good communication with customers, and promoting dishes. But the most important thing is tasty and quality food makes the customers happy and satisfied. Satisfaction of the customer is the most important thing in business.

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