Benefits of API for Business


In this blog post, you will learn Benefits of API for Business

Benefits of API for Business

what is API and how its work?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, API is a gateway between one or more servers to the software interface, and an API is a programming interface that accepts our request and provides what we want in the request. The request has sent by the client (software or interface), and the response was given by the server. In-between the server and client is called API. API works as a mediator or a gateway for the server and the client.

There are 3 types of API, private API, partner API, and Public API. Private API is only built and used for its use or only one company uses the API. Partner API in collaboration with 2 or more companies using the same API for the office purpose is Partner API. Public API is a third-party developer and it’s used by public users, like social media, games, etc.

How API works in Business:

Now a day most people and businesses and services are moving to digitalize. Digitalization is a future and it’s evolving day by day. After the pandemic crisis and lockdown most, people were lazy shopping outdoor and window shopping. So, these things lead the marketing, business, and service in digitalizing. API works in the business with lots of things like reducing human work and time consumption. It even helps the customer with a user-friendly interface with an easy way to take service, solve queries, online payments, use the application on the website, etc. API works as an intermediate for the server and the application interface. API is a gateway between server and application. API helps business people to use an application for SMS marketing service, WhatsApp AI Chabot, voice calls and broadcasts, etc. some businesses and corporate has used private and partner API to keep employees’ details, attendance, and work details and for task manager, etc.

Types of API for today’s business:

Most businesses were using different applications for different purposes, applications are very useful to reduce time consumption and are user-friendly. API helps the business to get more leads and brand their brand to be trustworthy.       

Ticket booking API

Ticket booking API is the best API example now a day. There several ticket booking applications are available today. Ticket booking applications are just an intermediate between the passenger and the travel partners. When the user or a passenger enters the app to book the ticket, it will get you to the server. This gateway process is called the API. And also, in the ticket booking application payment gateway will open for the payment process for booking the ticket. Payment gateway is also one of the important APIs nowadays.

Payment gateway API

Payment gateway API is one of the most wanted API nowadays, most transaction, shopping, and payment everything was done online, so now a day eCommerce website and application is in trend all over the world.  Most people like to buy things online to reduce time consumption and better price. So, every eCommerce and some websites like registration need a payment section online. Payment gateway API work as an intermediate gateway between the customers and bank seller. This gateway process works intermediate between the 2 to 4 servers. Now a day’s payment gateway helps business development to the next level.

Ecommerce API

Ecommerce API is an important API like payment gateway API, eCommerce is a future and trending way of business now a day. Most people are buying products online and most people are lazy to buy offline market. Ecommerce seller also provides more offers and also sell at low cost when it’s compared to offline marketing. So, sellers and a customer mostly like to sell and buy a product online. Ecommerce platform is a marketplace for sellers and customers like Amazon, flip kart, snap deal, etc. anyone can sell a product by adding it and selling it in the online marketplace. People will buy the product through a website or application. Even people open websites or apps for their own products on eCommerce platforms. Also, eCommerce needs a payment gateway eCommerce and payment gateway are the best example API, for now, a day business.

Maps and weather API

Maps and weather applications are the needed API for the people. Both are intermediate between the users, GPS, and satellite. And weather apps get weather information from anywhere worldwide. Also, most of the traveling, cab applications, and food delivery applications integrate the Google Maps application for location purposes.

Smart Communication API

Communication APIs are like WhatsApp, SMS, and WhatsApp Chat bot, voice broadcasting, and automated phone call services are working because of the API. These things are gateways between the server of the service provider and the users. Communication API helps to develop business communication, promotion of business in bulk SMS or WhatsApp, provide customer care, etc.

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