Effective benefits of Interactive Voice Response – IVR in Health care and Hospitals


In this blog post, you will learn Effective benefits of Interactive Voice Response – IVR in Health care and Hospitals.

Effective benefits of Interactive Voice Response - IVR in Health care and Hospitals

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a cloud-based or automated voice call system with pre-recorded interactive voice that allows customers to engage in conversation by pressing a number on their mobile dial pad. This technology assists numerous companies in handling and engaging customers in customer care services. Additionally, IVR is useful for obtaining customer feedback, ratings, conducting promotional calls, and more.

Why IVR needed in health care services

IVR is a valuable tool for companies with a business-to-customer or business-to-business focus. It is particularly beneficial for the healthcare sector, where it plays a critical role in managing patients around the clock. IVR provides automated, pre-recorded interactive voice responses to patients, effectively addressing many inquiries, scheduling appointments, and performing other essential tasks.

Benefits of IVR in Healthcare and Hospitals

IVR is an essential tool for the healthcare and hospital sectors, providing efficient communication support for customer care without requiring human interaction. If the IVR is unable to resolve a query, the call is forwarded to a human agent. IVR offers numerous benefits in healthcare and hospitals, allowing people to interact with IVR calls by pressing the corresponding number on their mobile phone’s dial pad.

24/7 customer support

IVR is highly beneficial for customer support, and many companies rely on it for this purpose. In the healthcare and hospital sector, customer support is critical and must be available 24/7. IVR is a valuable tool in this sector as it can handle and engage patients without requiring human interaction. Pre-recorded voices can provide patients with most of the necessary information, reducing the workload of human staff. Therefore, IVR is highly useful in providing efficient customer care in the healthcare and hospital sector.

Booking Appointment

Due to the busy nature of hospitals, it may not always be feasible for agents or humans to handle patient inquiries and appointments. In such cases, IVR can be a valuable tool. It allows patients to book appointments and obtain information about their booking status without human interaction. This can help hospitals streamline their operations and provide better service to their patients.


The IVR system is also beneficial in answering basic inquiries such as doctor availability, check-up schedules, appointment reminders, and check-up reminders without human intervention. This will help to reduce the workload of manpower and minimize human interaction.

Solving customer queries

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a helpful feature for solving customer queries, especially without the need for human interaction. It can engage patients by providing solutions to their queries through automated pre-recorded voice responses.

Appointment or check-up reminder

IVR can also provide support in reminding patients about upcoming appointments or check-up dates. This feature is particularly helpful for older patients who may have trouble remembering their appointments. Patients can also cancel their appointments through the IVR if they no longer need them.

Pre-booking ambulance

IVR allows for the pre-booking of ambulances for pregnant women or ill patients for their delivery or check-up dates, making it easier for them to reach the hospital without any hassle.


The healthcare industry is essential for saving lives and providing emergency services. Doctors are heroes who dedicate their lives to serving others. IVR support is crucial in the healthcare sector, which is mostly an emergency service sector. If you’re considering integrating IVR service into your hospital or healthcare system, there’s no need to worry because NETTYFISH solution is the best IVR service provider in India. For more information on smart communication features for businesses and sectors, visit the Nettyfish website.