Lead generation in using WhatsApp business API with a chatbot


In this blog post, you will learn Lead generation in using WhatsApp business API with a chatbot

Lead generation in using WhatsApp business API with a chatbot


Lead generation is the process of attracting and identifying potential customers for your business. This task is essential in marketing as it enables businesses to gather details about their target audience. In this context, we will explore the WhatsApp Business API with chatbot features.

WhatsApp is a versatile platform that allows users to communicate through various media such as text, images, videos, voice and video calls, and status updates. For businesses, the WhatsApp Business API offers all of these features along with additional capabilities such as unlimited messaging, bulk WhatsApp marketing through broadcasting, product and catalog showcases, and an automatic chatbot with instant replies. Using the WhatsApp Business API with chatbot integration can be beneficial for marketing, branding, building customer trust, and enhancing the reputation of a business.

How to get more leads using WhatsApp business API with Chatbot

Use WhatsApp chatbot link on all social media:

To obtain leads directly on WhatsApp, it’s recommended to link your WhatsApp Business API and Chatbot on all social media platforms. This can be done by adding the link as a button in Facebook or Instagram ads, making it easier to collect leads directly in WhatsApp. Since leads tend to feel more comfortable communicating on WhatsApp, this approach can help improve the quality and quantity of leads generated for your business.

Use chatbot link in all the Email CTA:

Incorporate a link to your WhatsApp chatbot in the Call-to-Action button as people prefer communicating through WhatsApp over taking calls. As it is a more convenient platform, consider using this strategy in all email and mail marketing campaigns.

Use WhatsApp business API button on the website

To facilitate easy communication with potential customers, businesses can include a WhatsApp chatbot link on their website. This enables people to easily connect with them via WhatsApp chat. Additionally, the WhatsApp auto chatbot is available 24/7, even during non-business hours, to provide assistance to leads.

Try WhatsApp marketing

Using WhatsApp for marketing purposes is a wise choice as it allows for easy customer support and query resolution through its chat feature. Additionally, the conversion rate for WhatsApp marketing tends to be higher than that of SMS or email marketing. To capitalize on this, consider sending out bulk promotions with eye-catching posters, engaging content, a web link, and a clear call-to-action button.

Sending flash notifications

Increase your leads by sending bulk WhatsApp messages as flash notifications to your customers promoting a new or existing product, along with offers and discounts. This is a great way to remarket your products and attract more customers to your business.


Lead generation through WhatsApp has a high conversion rate of 45-60% per 100 users, making it an effective and comfortable platform for both businesses and customers. Using the WhatsApp Business API with Chatbot can help engage customers 24/7 and generate more leads for your business. To get started, you can reach out to a WhatsApp Business API provider like Nettyfish, which offers top-quality WhatsApp API and Chatbot services in India.