Different types of voice call and customer care services

In this blog post, we will talk about Different types of voice call and customer care services. Know more.


Voice call and customer care services are receiving or making an outgoing call to the customers or a person for various purposes. voice call and customer care calling services have a virtual phone number. A virtual phone number is a digital number that is work in applications not a Sim card or mobile phone. Most of the care services and call center services are using the virtual mobile number for voice call purposes and customer care purposes. voice call API helps in making voice calls and customer care calling services. This API is provided by the voice call API provider. Let’s discuss types of voice call services.

Inbound voice call service and customer care service

Inbound voice call services and customer care services are getting a call from the customers or users to clear a doubt or queries about the service or product etc.

Customer Support

Customer support is a help desk for customers, that is work for caretake the customer is free of cost. Customers make a call to Solve queries, report issues, problems, etc. agent of the help desk will solve those things with a proper solution.

Outbound voice call service and customer care service

Outbound voice call service and customer care service, that work as promotional voice call process or awareness voice call process etc. Outbound voice call future is an agent making a call for a customer for various purposes like promotion, lead generation, feedback purposes, etc.

Promotional voice call service

Promotional voice call service is like promoting the product or service, creating awareness on branding, generating more leads, providing offers or discounts, etc. promotional voice call service may be a human interaction or pre-recorded voice automatic call.

Targeting the potential customers

Targeting potential customers to call them for promotions. Identifying the potential customers by missed call service or smart URL link. When the customer clicks the link or calls for the missed call service it is turned and reported as leads for an agent. They targeted and makes a call for marketing.

Automatic voice call service or customer care service

Automatic voice call service or customer care services are works without human interaction. Automatic voice call services are pre-recorded voices saved in the cloud when you activate the campaign for the bulk voice call. API will help to make a pre-recorded voice call to customers or the audience. Automatic call service is used for promotion, taking feedback, OTP or mobile number verification call, and interactive voice responsive calls for promoting or developing business.

Automatic promotion call

An automatic promotional call is an outbound call that reaches a large number of people in a short period and it’s also good to lead generation. Pre-recorded voice calls also can be interactive voice responses.

Interactive voice response service (IVR)

An interactive voice response service is as mart automatic voice call without human interaction but IVR is responsive and interactive. It is a useful tool for trained problem solving and intaking feedback. It’s responsive when the receiver is using the number keys in the phone.

Receive OTP call or Verification

Some applications, banks, and finance sectors need to be verified by the user by checking the phone number. So, for login purposes and verification purposes in the BFSI sectors, applications, corporate company employee login purposes, etc. when the receiver tries to verify, the receiver receives the call for OTP in the automatic voice call or else receives a missed call for verifying the mobile number.


Voice calls or customer service both are works and create for the customers and promotion. Don’t hesitate to try it for your business, because it strengthens your brand, promotes your business, wider your brand to more reach, gets more leads, and holds your customer’s trust.  If you planned to choose IVR or automatic voice call feature for your business, reach Nettyfish for better service and best customer support 24×7.