10 New Year SMS Templates : Craft Personalized SMS Wishes for Your Customers

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New Year SMS Templates

A personalized Bulk SMS Service is a tailored text uniquely crafted to suit individual customer preferences, piquing their interest or showcasing a new experience or product. It’s an interactive communication method that adds a personal touch, encourages customer engagement, and evokes prompt action.

These personalized texts leverage subscriber data like demographics, time, location, and personal interests to offer more relevant and timely information. A classic example is akin to seeing your name on a birthday cake, personalized specifically for you based on your preferences.


Importance of Personalized Texts

Compared to generic texts, personalized messages exaggerate an impressive open rate of 98%, significantly higher than the 22% rate for generic texts. This stark contrast illustrates that tailored messages have a higher chance of being read and acted upon.

In today’s Comparative environment, creating messages that resonate personally with your audience is imperative for a superior customer experience. Customers desire recognition, respect, and a connection. Apart from enhancing connections, personalization also tends to increase overall revenue.


Sample Personalized SMS Template

“Hey Rahul, Exclusive Offer! The latest Apparel is now available at Roadies. Get the latest fashion trends personalized just for you at a 50% discount. Visit us today. Hurry!”


Notable statistics on SMS personalization

  • 72% of consumers restrict interactions to personalized messaging.
  • 80% of customers prefer purchasing from businesses offering a personalized experience.
  • 63% of consumers discontinue business interactions due to inadequate personalization.
  • 66% of consumers avoid purchasing from sources with generic messaging.


SMS Templates for New Year Wishes

As the year concludes, it’s a perfect time to connect with customers to acknowledge their achievements and share plans for the coming year. Engage your audience by sharing these SMS templates,


  • Template #1

Wishing you and your family a prosperous, joyful, and happy New Year! Here’s to a bright year ahead. Happy New Year! – [Company Name]


  • Template #2

Happy New Year! [Company Name] extends heartfelt wishes for success in the upcoming year. Thank you for staying with us throughout [Year]!


  • Template #3

Your contributions made this year amazing. [Company Name] eagerly anticipates another fantastic year with you! Happy New Year from all of us!


  • Template #4

[Company Name] sends warm wishes for a New Year filled with joy, cheer, and warmth. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!


  • Template #5

May this New Year transform all your aspirations into reality and your efforts into remarkable achievements. A very Happy New Year from all of us at [Company Name]!


SMS Marketing Templates for New Year

While the New Year may see reduced spending initially, it doesn’t mean you can’t share a promotion or two. Here’s an example for various industries,


  • Template #1

HomeShopee: Wishing you a Happy New Year! Enjoy 20 – 24% off your total bill as part of our celebration! Use code NY2024. Shop now: link


  • Template #2

TravelGuru: Kickstart this New Year in the right place! Explore incredible travel offers to make this year wonderful! Learn more: link


  • Template #3

GoldenGym: Embrace a ‘New Year, New You’! Commit to fitness this year with a friend. Refer one and get a complimentary month! Details: link


  • Template #4

BBQHouse: Celebrate the New Year with us! Enjoy a free appetizer from us! Valid until 30th Jan. Show this text to your server to claim. Limit 1 per table.


  • Template #5

Nettyfish: Hey [First Name]! Thank you for being a loyal customer and for making [Year] fantastic! Here’s something special for you: link


Crafting personalized New Year wishes for your customers can yield immense benefits for your business, driving engagement, fostering brand loyalty, and generating increased sales. Get inspired and explore more specific templates that cater to your business’s unique needs for a successful SMS marketing campaign.


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