Benefits of Medical WhatsApp Chatbots for Healthcare Services?


In this blog post, you will learn Benefits of Medical WhatsApp Chatbots for Healthcare Services

Benefits of Medical WhatsApp Chatbots for Healthcare Services?

The best engagement of customers, audience, clients, or patients is engaging in where they are like and available. WhatsApp is the most popular conversational platform and has 2 billion active users worldwide. WhatsApp offers many advantages and features for business purposes. Most businesses using WhatsApp for promotion, customer engagement, booking appointments, scheduling reminders, etc. A WhatsApp chatbot assists businesses with automated conversational support. WhatsApp chatbot can rapidly engage your client with automation and reduce most of your work in handling customers. Chatbots on WhatsApp will offer interactive responses to your customers 24/7. Chatbots are the future of business and sales automation. The customer does not need to use a different platform for purchases, payments, queries, and FAQs. The customer will be able to save time and effort. Healthcare and hospitals can benefit from medical WhatsApp chatbot. Medical WhatsApp chatbot is essential for hospitals and healthcare sectors. Let us discuss the medical WhatsApp chatbot features in healthcare. 

Engaging Patients Through WhatsApp chatbot

Nowadays, when everyone has already integrated and adapted to the digital world, healthcare companies are beginning to recognise the importance of bots in their work processes. Healthcare services need to be available 24/7/365. We all faced a problem during the period of the covid19 pandemic. During the pandemic, hospitals faced problems in handling customers. So, automation will help to handle patients in many ways. WhatsApp automation does not need human interaction. It will reduce human interaction by 80-90%, and queries, problems, FAQs, appointments, availability, and appointment work Can be handled easily by the WhatsApp chatbot. 

WhatsApp chatbot will engage patients via WhatsApp chat support at any time. Every hospital and healthcare service needs to use WhatsApp automation to engage their patients. WhatsApp chatbots are already providing enormous opportunities for healthcare organisations to improve real-time patient experience, allowing hospitals to scale up their processes. The chatbots on WhatsApp can handle more than 80-90% of repeated inquiries, freeing human agents for more complex escalations.

Benefits of Medical WhatsApp chatbot in hospitals

Booking Appointments

Booking appointments through call or face to face is not easy nowadays because handling more patients during peak hours and pandemic periods is not an easy one. A patient can experience booking an appointment through WhatsApp is easy, and checking availability through WhatsApp is more satisfying for the patient. Patient experience will increase, and patients will be more satisfied.

Availability Check

A patient can experience booking by checking the availability of specialists or specific doctor time availability through the WhatsApp chatbot. 

Appointment Reminder

Through the WhatsApp chatbot broadcast campaign, automatic appointment reminders for the patient without an agent. It will help the patient on aware of their appointment. Most people forget appointments due to personal life pressure. Hence Automatic appointment reminders will help the patient and doctors consult their patients without missing them.

Medical Reminders and Alerts

Healthcare can also take care of patients by sending alerts or reminders about check-ups, medicine taking, doses, etc. 

Online Consulting

It will help in online consulting for patients by sending tips for a usual health problem, consulting by symptom, etc. But it does not affect the healthcare revenue. It’s just taking concern and care of your patients. It also helps in enhancing your brand. 

Digital Test Result and bill

You, can send digital test results and bills to patients through WhatsApp for easy access. It will help them to use it anywhere without carrying physical documents. 

Health Tips

You can send everyday or special day health tips to the patient to make a positive opinion on healthcare.

Patient Can Upload Test Documents

A patient can upload health-related documents like health reports, health insurance, and bills for online consulting on WhatsApp or by reference. 

Solving Queries and FAQs

80-90% of repeated Queries and FAQs are solved by WhatsApp chatbot without a human agent. It will reduce the work and time of human agents.

Collecting Feedback

Collect feedback after consulting with the patient through WhatsApp. It will help to finetune healthcare service, and patients will be happy about it.

Medical and Health Insurance Queries

Medical and health insurance-related queries are answered by WhatsApp chatbot without a human agent. 

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