Top 5 Use Cases for SMS Marketing That Every Business Should Know

The world is certainly moving towards niche marketing strategies that are suitable for their businesses, such as email marketing, ad campaigns, social media marketing, and so on, to promote their brand to the target audience. One of the best ways to promote your business is SMS marketing.

What makes Bulk SMS marketing so special? First of all, the number of mobile phone users all over the world is tremendously high. And to your surprise, SMS open rates are higher when even compared to the email-open rates, which eventually leads to increased conversion rates and sales for your business.

Moreover, the companies can easily track which customers opened their messages, who clicked the links in the messages, and who ignored the messages to improve their SMS marketing strategy further.

One of the biggest advantages of subscribing to Bulk SMS in Chennai is that SMS marketing strategy can never get old and always works no matter what the current marketing trends are.

Here are some of the top SMS marketing use cases that every business must know and implement to promote their brand.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Gone are the days where businesses used to promote their brand to a general audience vaguely. We are currently moving towards niche marketing strategies that actually work and increase the leads and conversion rates.

With SMS marketing, businesses can target existing customers. Also, they can target people who are interested in their brand, products, or services.

SMS marketing works if compared to email marketing because studies show that open rates of SMS are up to 98%, but the open rates of emails are just 30%. Therefore, businesses can target customers and get a high revenue stream.

Increased Leads

With such higher open rates, SMS marketing gets more leads and sales from the target audience than any other marketing strategy. Since mobiles are so handy, users automatically check the messages, especially if they are attractive with deals and sales. So, SMS marketing increases the overall sales of the brand.


Brands or any organization can use bulk SMS service in Chennai to provide accurate information about events or send them alerts and reminders for any appointments that the clients have booked. This way of marketing is less invasive and also helpful to users. In this way, customers are most likely to trust the brand and associate with them more.


No matter how big and successful a brand might be, at the end of the day, they are all dependent on SMS for account verification or payment verification. Even banks and social media platforms depend on SMS to verify their payments and accounts.

Conducting Surveys

SMS surveys are the easiest way to get interaction and feedback from the customers as they do not take much effort for the users, and it is easy to provide feedback and answer the surveys.

These are some of the use cases of SMS marketing that all brands must know and utilize to promote their business or provide alerts and information to customers.

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