Why SMS Marketing Still An Effective Channel For Business


In this blog post, you will learn Why SMS Marketing Still An Effective Channel For Business

Why SMS Marketing Still An Effective Channel For Business

SMS marketing is an effective channel for many businesses, companies, and sectors. It has been around for more than 25 years and still remains to be one of the best communication channels worldwide. SMS marketing has more benefits for business communication. It has two types, transaction SMS and Marketing SMS. 

SMS is a short message system that works faster and more cost-effectively with native text applications for every mobile phone. SMS is a direct way of two-way communication. The advantage is that it doesn’t require internet services or smartphones to send and receive messages. SMS uses a Cellular network to send and receive messages from one person to another. Even people who don’t have internet on their mobile or who don’t have a smartphone can also receive messages. That’s why SMS marketing is still an effective way of communication.

How Still SMS Marketing Effective?

There are many mobile marketing and digital marketing platforms available worldwide, but most people prefer SMS marketing as a preferred marketing communication. In India SMS is an effective way of communication than Email because SMS has a higher click-through rate and conversion rate than Email marketing. 

SMS marketing has a 98% open rate and a 21 to 40% of conversion rate. It is effective in cost, instant delivery, direct, personal, and also two-way communication. You can reach millions of people with one click of an SMS campaign. 

Text messaging is less expensive than traditional marketing tactics, especially if you need to send a huge volume of messages, as it usually grows cheaper the more texts you send. Other marketing tactics, such as paid search engine advertisements and traditional marketing, are more expensive and may not be as effectively targeted.

Reason for SMS marketing still an effective

Instant Delivery

Instant or immediate delivery is one of the best features of the SMS communication channel. You don’t need the internet to send or receive a message. It works through the cellular network, so you can reach millions of customers within 3 to 5 minutes by running an SMS marketing campaign.

Short and Effective

SMS is a short message service. There are only 160 characters in SMS but it is more effective than other marketing because customers can read and attract easily. Due to the short and effective communication channels, SMS became effective for all businesses.

Direct communication

It’s a direct way of communication, it will reach the customer’s pocket directly and immediately. Also, it has the feature of two-way communication, so it helps to convert the audiences effectively.

Affordable and Reach Millions

Affordable and reaching millions of audiences in a cost-effective manner is also a great feature of SMS marketing. SMS marketing may reach millions of individuals in seconds, no matter where they are. It is capable of reaching nearly all of the 6-7 billion mobile phones in use today. SMS is the only technology that is standardized across all cell phone operators worldwide, which implies that text messaging has the potential to link the whole globe.


Using smart URL tracking and delivery reports, SMS can be tracked easily. These reports enable you to see your SMS campaign’s efficiency and success. This will help to empower your future marketing campaigns and better understand what works best for you.

High Click Through Rate

SMS is a more effective mode of communication in India than email since SMS has a greater click-through and conversion rate than email marketing. SMS marketing has a 98% open rate and a conversion rate of 21 to 40%. SMS is safer than email. Which is seriously fighting spam and junk email filters. Since mobile phones do not have spam boxes, you can be sure your marketing message has arrived safely. SMS will still be delivered within 48 hours of being sent, even if the phone is switched off or out of signal.


SMS marketing is still an effective channel, and its also proven and used by many companies. So you can try SMS marketing for your business without hesitation. Also, you can track your SMS through the Smart URL tracking Solutions of Nettyfish Solutions. 

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