SMS or WhatsApp Which Is Better For Business?


In this blog post, you will learn SMS or WhatsApp Which Is Better For Business.

SMS or WhatsApp Which Is Better For Business

We can not easily say which one is better. SMS and WhatsApp are the most important communication platforms for handling and engaging customers. SMS marketing is playing a vital role for more than 15 years. Still, SMS marketing shows legendary uses in many businesses and financial sectors. SMS is also used for user verification purposes like a One-time password or getting a login link. Many companies and small businesses are using SMS for promotional and transactional message purposes. SMS marketing doesn’t need the internet to send messages, but WhatsApp needs the internet to send messages. 

WhatsApp is one of the best tools for marketing purposes today. WhatsApp is also adapted to SMS, we can use all the benefits of SMS features in WhatsApp, but WhatsApp has extra features than SMS marketing. 

WhatsApp is the most popular and favorite conversational platform for most of the audience worldwide. Also, WhatsApp has launched WhatsApp Business for business owners to use for marketing objectives. There are several distinctions between personal and business WhatsApp. WhatsApp Company has additional capabilities such as broadcast messaging, product demonstrations, business profiles, limitless messages, and more. You may also share any type of media file with anyone in a WhatsApp discussion. In this article, we’ll explore which is superior for today’s marketing trend.

Conversion Rate Of WhatsApp and SMS?

While coming to the point of the conversion rate of SMS and WhatsApp marketing is great confusion for everyone because both are very effective ways of marketing on the digital platform. 

  • SMS has a 98% opening rate in approximately 5 minutes, and the conversion rate of SMS marketing is 20-45%. 
  • WhatsApp has a 98% opening rate, and the conversion rate of WhatsApp marketing is 45-60%. 

Both are overly same, but WhatsApp marketing is far better in conversion rate, and in WhatsApp, we can do promotions with images, videos, files, etc.

Benefits Of SMS And WhatsApp Marketing

Benefits Of SMS Marketing
  • You can reach millions of audiences and new customers. 
  • Affordable and fastest way of marketing. 
  • SMS has a higher conversion rate of 45%. 
  • Instant delivery and a higher opening rate of 98%, most people view or open their incoming messages in 3 or 5 minutes. 
  • You can send both transactional SMS and promotional SMS.
  • You can track your SMS campaign through Smart URL tracking. 
  • You can send OTPs through SMS for verification purposes. 
  • SMS is far better than Email in India because it has more conversion and opening rates than email. 
  • You don’t need the internet to send or receive messages.
Benefits Of WhatsApp Marketing
  • WhatsApp is the most popular application and is used by many people worldwide. 
  • WhatsApp has business WhatsApp for business marketing purposes.
  • WhatsApp is a more secure and trustworthy application for many audiences. 
  • It supports two-way communication. 
  • You can reach your customers anytime, anywhere. 
  • WhatsApp has a higher conversion rate of 60% and an opening rate of 98%. 
  • You can drive sales into WhatsApp to convert easier. 
  • Affordable and cost-effective marketing. 
  • You can use WhatsApp in a better way to retain abandoned carts and remarketing purposes. 
  • You can enhance your branding through WhatsApp. 
  • WhatsApp is one of the best places for brand promotions. 
  • Promote products, businesses, or services by using text and media. 
  • WhatsApp also has a chatbot feature, but you buy it from the provider
  • You can showcase services or products on WhatsApp.

Which one is better - WhatsApp or SMS Marketing?

  • WhatsApp versus SMS, while coming to the comparison point, both are needed platforms for marketing and communicational purposes. 
  • SMS has certain benefits most of the verification, bank transactions, and reminders are better in SMS marketing. 
  • The WhatsApp is better at customer support, handling leads, branding, sales, and promotions. 
  • WhatsApp and SMS are excellent platforms for attracting and grabbing customers. Use both in an effective with strategies to get benefits.


WhatsApp and SMS marketing are the best affordable marketing platforms in the marketing field, Use both platforms in an effective way to get more leads and customers and help to boost sales and revenue efficiently. 

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