Benefits of Social Media Marketing and its types


In this blog post, you will learn Benefits of Social Media Marketing and its types

Benefits of Social Media Marketing and its types.

Social media platforms provide individuals with the ability to connect with others from all over the world, offering various benefits such as communication, conversation, promotion, and entertainment to their audiences.

Social media platforms are the best and most cost-effective for business promotion and attracting more people. They have 4.55 billion users worldwide and 467 million users in India. Most people consider social platforms as the best platform for marketing. After the pandemic years, social platforms are at their peak now. 

What is Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

Social Media Marketing is the new generation of marketing and the future of marketing. SMM helps small businesses and corporates in many possible ways. SMM can make your brand better and enhance it. You can attract people through creative posters, videos, stories, content, offers, etc. SMM helps the business by engaging customers in 360 degrees. It helps to handle customer support and increase customer satisfaction through chat on social media. SMM promotes your business over a long time and gets you more organic leads. 

Social media advertising or ad campaigns are the best tools for many businesses. It will help promote brands to reach more audiences through paid ads. Social media also has pay-per-click ad campaigns. Money will spend only when the audience or leads clicks on your ads. 

Social media marketing is not just about posting images and videos or running ad campaigns. Social media marketing is a vast area and fully loaded with strategic marketing. Nettyfish is one of the top companies in India that offers the best social media marketing for your business.

Types of Social Media Marketing

Facebook marketing

Facebook marketing is promoting businesses, events, and services on social media. Facebook marketing, you can promote business via organic and paid. Posting daily posters with hashtags is an organic way of social media marketing. Creating ad campaigns and boosting posters are paid social media marketing. Facebook marketing has specific features for targeting the correct audience for your business. In The Facebook ad campaign, you can choose the targeted audience by age, gender, education, marital status, interest, location, qualification, profession, etc.

Facebook also has a marketplace feature now. The Facebook marketplace is the best place for selling new and used products. A marketplace is the best tool for B2B, B2C, C2C, and C2B marketing. People can sell their used things, rental houses, vehicles, etc. 

Instagram marketing

Instagram is also known as Insta marketing. It is a new and young generation of social media platforms. More audiences, including professionals, influencers, and celebrities, use Instagram as their primary social media platform. You can make your brand stand out by using Instagram marketing. Instagram has a lot of young users. You can promote and attract young users through creative content, posters, and videos. But there is no ads campaign on Instagram separately. You can run your Facebook ad campaign on Instagram too. On Instagram, you can use ad tools like boost posters, more profile visits, website visits, and more messages. The Instagram ad tool only works in the mobile app. The Instagram reels feature can promote your product or brand very quickly because most audiences use Instagram only for watch reels. 

Linked In marketing

Linked In is also one of the best social media, but it’s a very professional platform. LinkedIn has many restrictions for posters and content. You can only post professional content, business content, business promotions, hirings, and B2B promotions. Linked In is the best platform for connecting with professionals, businesses, partners, other companies, and those in the same profession. You can also promote your business more professionally on LinkedIn by running ad campaigns and boosting the posters. Also, you can post media without ads to get an audience organically. LinkedIn ads provide potential leads for your business.

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest is a type of social media that shows feeds based on the user’s interest. Pinterest marketing is you can post videos, posters, or concept photos and videos on Pinterest. Users can pin whatever they like on Pinterest. Pinterest makes the brand higher, drive traffic to the website, and drives leads to the business. You can run an ad campaign on Pinterest and reach more people with your profile, poster, and website. 

Advantages of Social Media Marketing

Brand Enrichment

Brand enhancement through social media marketing is a strategic and fastest way to reach more audiences. Feed creative posters, content, and videos that promote your brand and business through organic or paid campaigns. Engage your audience on social media. The audience can remember your brand easily. 

Social Media Ads Campaign

Social media ad campaigns are used to reach more audiences and get more leads for your business. Social media ads campaign helps you to target the correct audience for your business. You can choose the audience by filtering them based on education, age, gender, type of business, qualification, industry, profession, language, operating system, device, etc.

Attract Youngsters

On the social platform, 60% of users are youngsters. On social media there are 15-35 age group is high. You can attract a young audience on social media easily. You can create brand awareness by providing the best offers and engaging them on social media to attract young users. 

Customer Engagement

The best way to engage your customers on social media is to provide them with customer support, discounts, quality feed, and to inform them about your business successes. 

Identify Potential Customers

Identifying potential customers is not an easy task in every business. Social media is one of the good options to target your audience by using strategies. You can find your potential customers through ad campaigns, organic feeds, strategic content, and creative posters.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase your customer satisfaction by wishing them on special days, responding to incoming messages, posts, comments, and tags, and accepting their feedback. Engaging your customers in all ways makes them satisfied with your business. 


Increase Brand Loyalty

The use of social media helps to keep your brand name in front of people all the time. When you engage them in social media, it will create brand loyalty from customers to the business. Businesses can convert potential customers into regular customers by building brand loyalty. When they need to purchase or need a service related to your business, your brand is a priority for them. 

Reach More People

You can reach more people through social media marketing through organic and paid campaigns. Social media marketing helps to reach more potential audiences and makes a good impression on your business. SMM is better than offline marketing and some digital marketing services.

Lead Generation

Your business can get more leads and audiences through social media marketing. Lead generation is an imperative aspect of any business. Strategically, you can generate leads through social media promotions and online advertising. It may be organic or paid traffic. 

Drive More Traffic on Website

Social media marketing brings more traffic to your website and increases your website ranking. It will drive more referral traffic to your website by running an ads campaign and posting feeds, stories, etc.

Increase Sales in Ecommerce

Increase your sales in an ecommerce business. The E-commerce website is an online store, promoting an ecommerce site in social media marketing drives more traffic to the website and boosts sales. You can promote every product through social media marketing to get more leads and an audience for your ecommerce business. Promoting in social media marketing may get you more potential audience by the impression. 

Promote New Launches and Offers

Social media marketing is the best platform for sharing and promoting new information, technology, products, and product launches. You can promote new launches and use promotions to boost sales for your business. It will reach more people simply and get more leads and audiences for your brand and business.

More Conversion Rate

Social media marketing has more conversion or impression rate than other ads. Impression can make brand enhancement and brand awareness to the audience. SMM not only generates leads but also enhances the brand and business. 

Cost-Effective Promotions

Social media marketing can create more impressions on a low budget. Social media is a helpful tool for all types of small businesses and big businesses because it’s budget-friendly marketing. SMM is cost-effective marketing and promotion in many ways like anyone can afford to do social media marketing. 

Identify Potential Partners

Social media marketing also helps the B2B related business and helps to identify the potential customers for your business. Linked In and Facebook Marketing makes B2B marketing better in many ways because they allow you to target the correct audience by profession, industry, and business. 

Remarketing Benefits

Social media helps in remarketing your business. You can do remarketing for your business to customers by social media remarketing feature. Remarketing stimulates the audience to buy the product or service. SMM remarketing can make a potential and frequent customer for your business.