Best 10 benefits of WhatsApp chatbot in 2022 – Nettyfish


In this blog post, you will learn Best 10 benefits of WhatsApp chatbot in 2022.

Best 10 benefits of WhatsApp chatbot in 2022 – Nettyfish

Nowadays, everything and everyone changed to automation. Automation is needed in every business and industry to complete tasks faster and reduce human work. Automation can enhance the business and engage the customers at any time. Automation is the future of the universe. Hence business needs WhatsApp chatbot API for business automation. WhatsApp automation reduces human interaction, work, and errors and speeds up business processes. 

What is WhatsApp Chatbot?

WhatsApp is a famous and best conversational chat application in the world. People like WhatsApp more than other conversational platforms. WhatsApp has introduced the WhatsApp business to engage the customers in WhatsApp. Because WhatsApp is a personal communication software, the customer feels good when they use it for purchase. But most businesses don’t work after business hours. Hence AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot is introduced. WhatsApp chatbot is an API which is integrated into the WhatsApp business application. You can integrate WhatsApp API in a few minutes. It doesn’t need coding and heavy work. Once the chatbot integrated and fully optimized chart flow makes a business process, customer engagement, customer support, and sales are automated.

Advantages of Nettyfish AI-Powered WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp chatbot has many benefits and features and benefits for your business. Some of the features and benefits mentioned in this blog.

Customer Support on WhatsApp

Customer support is the most important and needed in every business. WhatsApp chatbot helps in handling customer queries and issues by interactive chat response. No need for human interaction in customer support. WhatsApp chatbot will solve most of the queries if optimized.

Interactive chat response

WhatsApp chatbot instant auto-reply feature helps to handle the leads and customers instantly. Interactive and quick chat replies make the customer happy and satisfied. WhatsApp chatbots can interact with humans and reduce human interaction and time.

Business Automation

In business automation, most businesses are changing to the automation process. Business automation in WhatsApp helps engage the customers, product showcase, sales automation, product promotion, branding and handling the customers by an automated process.

Sales Automation

Sales automation in WhatsApp chatbot is no need for human interaction in sales. The chatbot will help in engaging leads, promoting, product showcasing, interacting with customers and selling products also in the automation process. It creates a great impact on business by reducing time, energy and human work.

24/7 Customer Support Availability

WhatsApp chatbot provides 24/7 chat support available to the customer and engages the customer 24/7. This feature will help avoid lead leakages, engage customers, and sales automation.


Promotion in WhatsApp chatbot for your business. you can promote your business via bulk WhatsApp promotion by creating a message campaign in WhatsApp chatbot API.  

Boost Sales by WhatsApp Marketing

Promotion in WhatsApp chatbot for your business, you can promote your business via bulk WhatsApp promotion by creating a message campaign in WhatsApp chatbot API. 

Customer Engagement

Customer engagement, every business has failed and leaked most of the customers by not handling the customers properly. WhatsApp chatbot automation engages customers at any time. WhatsApp chatbot provides customer support, customer handling, asking for feedback and solving queries and issues of the customers.

Bulk message broadcast

You can send broadcast messages in WhatsApp chatbot to more audiences via creating a WhatsApp campaign. The WhatsApp campaign helps to send an automatic messages, promotions, special day wishes to the customers, etc.

Less Human interaction

WhatsApp automation reduces human interaction, work, time, etc. Automation makes business easier and perfect on time. You don’t need humans to interact with work for business 80-90% of the business process is done by the WhatsApp chatbot without humans or assistance.


Nettyfish solutions AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot is a user-friendly and highly responsive WhatsApp chatbot in India. Integrate the WhatsApp chatbot for your business automation and betterment. Reach Nettyfish through our website, call or WhatsApp to know more about the WhatsApp chatbot API.