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Upload registered sender id,template on Nettyfish -Smartsms pannel

Click this ulr for login smartsms portal :
Click the profile
Profile-> Click my profile
Update Name, Mobile number and mail id-> Entity Id->Click the dialog box->update my settings
Sms-> Click Manage sender Id
Add sender Id-> Purpose-> click okay
Sms-> Click Manage template -> Add new template
Enter template name-> Click template Id-> In template string enter content -> click Submit
Sms-> Sms from excel->choose file -> click upload
sms-> Compose sms->Choose sender Id-> import or copy paste mobile number-> click duplicate dialog box->add template->click send

upload registered sender id,template on Nettyfish -Retail pannel

Login to the Nettyfish Networks - https:// portal.
In the transactional-> click My senderid's
-> Add new sender id
Enter sender id-> Choose Promotional or transactional -> Enter purpose ->Enter PID
Add new template
Add template name -> Add content in template using {#var#}->Add Template ID-> Add telemarketer Id
To send sms -> Click message -> send sms
Message Transactional or promotional message Channel->Click Sender Id-> Enter mobile number-> Select template->Send now
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