Nettyfish Launches a Unique SMS Strategy To Efficiently Track the SMS Clicks

In 2015, several businesses were dependent upon SMS marketing to promote and market their brand to potential users. At this time, digital marketing was not as prominent as now, and several businesses were relying on bulk SMS providers to attain profitable results.

In 2015, the companies can only know about the SMS replies and responses from the telecom operators. There was no other form of knowing these responses from the users.

On other hand, URL embedded messages were getting popular as it directly takes the target audience to the client’s website or targeted page. In this case, the responses were measured by the number of clicks on those embedded URLs messages.

The above-mentioned methods were not accurate enough to track precisely the information on the users that could provide actual leads to the businesses who would like to follow-up with those customers.

This problem restricted businesses on so many levels from interacting and following up with their potential customers. As the best bulk SMS provider in Chennai in 2015, we came up with a smart and unique SMS marketing solution.

At Nettyfish, we understood this current problem and came up with a solution that enables the brands to track where the clicks are coming from, precisely. It facilitates the businesses to have better analytics about their potential customers and provides opportunities to turn them into loyal customers.

With the use of our URL shortening services, we send different URLs for different users for accurate tracking purposes. However, all the URLs will take the users only to the targeted page, causing no confusion for anyone.

The advantage of this SMS marketing is that now our clients can know which mobile numbers clicked through the links and actually be interested in the products and the services. With our unique algorithm, businesses can get follow up with potential customers and make a profitable revenue stream for their brand.

As a major bulk SMS service in Chennai and all over India, we have come up with a plethora of practical solutions that enable our clients to get high-quality leads that will eventually turn into sales.

At Nettyfish, we solely do not make surface-level solutions, we absolutely go beyond and above to make sure the solutions that we are providing are actually working and produce sustainable results.

If you are a business and looking for Bulk SMS marketing services, then contact Nettyfish for result-driven and revenue-generating solutions. We are a well-experienced SMS marketing company providing practical SMS marketing services based on the various needs of the customers.

Contact us via email or call to get further quotes about services we provide that might be suitable for your business. Reach out to us now for further details or explore our website for more information.

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