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Send SMS from Nettyfish SMS Gateway directly

Send Dynamic SMS

Nettyfish provides the option of sending dynamic SMS in bulk for the clients. This option allows the clients to send different content to different people at once. This is a very convenient, easy and flexible option for clients from many business sectors. 

How it works?

For instance, if a school wants to send the performance report of all the students to their parents through SMS, they may opt for dynamic SMS as it would serve their purpose perfectly. Since the performance of each child would differ, the content to be sent to each mobile number would be different. All they have to do is upload the mobile number and the corresponding data in an Excel sheet and send the messages. Dynamic SMS feature in our Bulk SMS software would send the content in each particular line to the specified number in that line.

Send Group SMS

Nettyfish offers the feature of Group SMS through bulk SMS. Group messaging or Group SMS is an apt choice for clients to customize their messages to suit their business needs and deliver it to one set of people. The group SMS feature in our bulk SMS software allows the user to create multiple groups and also to add or modify the groups. You can send hundreds of messages at once by logging into our website.

Excel plugin

Nettyfish SMS Excel plugin helps clients to send SMS directly from the Excel sheet.  The customer data can be organized in the Excel sheet and it saves a lot of time as messages can be delivered in huge numbers by just one click. Our SMS Excel plugin also swiftly integrates into MS-Excel making it easy to use.


API’s are a way of connecting to NettyFish messaging platform. Nettyfish API’s are the easiest and convenient way to swiftly integrate with the client’s website or application. For this, the clients would have to install Nettyfish’s software platform in their website. This would, in turn, facilitates automated SMS delivery to the desired number of mobile phones.

Schedule SMS

NettyFish offers Scheduled SMS feature which allows the customers to schedule their SMS by assigning a future date and time at which it is to be sent. The message can be uploaded and the date and time can be specified. The scheduled SMS can be viewed under the message history.


The application enables you to send SMS in various languages using Unicode. This helps to reach and communicate to people in their own language.

White label

Purchase High VOLUME of SMS from us and sell it to your clients at high price. We will install the application in your sub domain.


Nettyfish voice SMS service in India makes you reach out to thousands of customers at a time by broadcasting a pre-recorded voice that adds a human touch to your messages by adding speech to it that explains your product or service.Nettyfish uses a fully automated online interface with zero set-up costs that can broadcast voice calls to thousands instantly also by customizing it in any language as per the client’s needs which saves the time spent on personalized calling.Also literacy barriers can be breached easily through voiceSMS. Nettyfish voice call platform is ideal for communication where it can be extremely helpful for marketing, political campaign, promotion, sales, event invitation, important notification etc…


2 way SMS starts when the message is sent by the client to short or long code. This message received by the short or long code is then delivered through to the ‘PULL’ server by the mobile operator. The server, in turn, processes the message based on the keyword. The incoming messages are delivered back to the client’s web application by initiating a reverse ‘PUSH’ process.

Who can use SMS Shortcode/Longcode Service?

– Businesses looking to get feedback from the customers.
– Creating Poll campaigns.
– To answer Quiz questions for lucky draw 
– Voting through SMS for reality shows, etc.,
– Surveys for marketing purposes.
– Promotion of new products.


1 Keyword – Unlimited Sub keywords

Unlimited Keyword for dedicated VMN

Customized Auto replies for every incoming SMS

Free API data forwarding

Instant Reports updating

Reports Excel download option


NettyFish provides missed call services for clients from various industries. Missed call service is the most convenient option for businesses looking to generate leads, voting, instant feedback and mobile verification by engaging the customers effectively.

How it works?

Missed call service is based on the concept of missed calls to a specific number. The customers or callers are urged to give a missed call to a specific number. Once the incoming call gets through, the call is rejected by the web application connected to the telephone line via a server and all the details of the call including the mobile number through API which would be used by the company for further business purposes.

Industries where missed call service can be used

–         Banking sector for enquiries, alerts and notifications

–         Marketing for businesses to generate leads.

–         Gauging the customer response for businesses.

–         Mobile number verification.

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