What is IVR?

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, and it describes what we use when we’re on a phone call but we’re doing more than just talking directly to another human being — so we might be communicating by pressing buttons/numbers, or talking to a recorded message that we know is recognizing our specific words.
IVR solutions have become such an everyday part of phone systems nowadays, that when we’re calling a business in particular it would be quite surprising to get straight through to a human on the other side — instead, we expect an IVR system to mediate our incoming call, and that this will be the most effective way to get our query directed to the right place and resolved fast



IVR use applies in different circumstances. This is the most beneficial factor if you adopt NettyFish IVR technology. You can add a set of instructions for the callers in such a way that it will make it easier for them to get through the call. It’s important to appreciate that, far from being an inconvenience to the customer,  IVR is so accurate and sophisticated that it can save a great deal of time and effort. Provided you design it sensitively and creatively and monitor the impact of any changes through your contact center metrics, your IVR service is a great asset to your business.

Multi-level IVR

Different kinds of IVR today

Nowadays tools like Nettyfish offer flexible ways to configure an IVR system, to best meet the needs of both the customer and the organization. They can respond effectively to both voice and tone input, and instantly connect these input to back-end databases and CRMs — for example, you might call a courier company to check on delivery, and in the first instance be asked to enter the delivery reference number, then encounter a menu asking you to select between reporting a missing item, or rearranging a time slot because you’re going to be out.

The Future of IVR and your business

While there will always be customers with unique needs, increasing automation driven by artificial intelligence will extend the power of IVR solutions to manage growing numbers of inquiries without a human agent at all.
This is probably where the future of customer service lies, in the majority of cases – human interaction being a specialist service, while we all grow increasingly accustomed to guided self-service. Even now we know when we’re talking to an automated bot, and we’re used to adjusting the way we speak, to our smart assistants in our phones and speakers – using transactional, direct instructions.
As natural voice recognition technology continues to advance, we might reach the point of not knowing whether we’re talking to a human or a bot – nor caring, provided our needs are met.
So while this may be a little while off in the future for most use cases, getting a thorough understanding and effective implementation of IVR technology in your business now, will stand you in good shape to meet the needs of your customers into the future.


  • Increased Sales
  • Improved Brand Recognition/Loyalty
  • Increased Retail Traffic
  • Real-time Survey Results Monitoring
  • Greater Response Rates
  • More Qualified Leads
  • Greater Efficiency in Reaching Customers
  • Industries
  • Automated IVR Surveys / Data Collection
  • Banking
  • Healthcare & Clinical Research
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Telecom
  • Call Center
  • Usage
  • Restaurant Reservation and food ordering.
  • Improved Brand Recognition/Loyalty
  • Increased Retail Traffic
  • Real-time Survey Results Monitoring
  • Greater Response Rates
  • More Qualified Leads
  • Greater Efficiency in Reaching Customers

Availability 24X7

Suppose your customer calls up at 11:00 pm late at night and nobody is on the system to attend to him/her. Isn’t that annoying? Well definitely Yes! The caller may get even more irritated if he needs to connect to you on an urgent basis and you are unavailable. Studies say that 67% of the customers who are up with a query have a low patience level and want to get their query solved at that moment itself. So how would I handle them? All you need to do is switch to IVR technology. IVR is workable 24X7 and is always available for your customer irrespective of the time. This gesture will give a better customer experience. They will never hesitate to call you whenever they need.

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