Best Bulk SMS Marketing Company in India

Nettyfish is a top-rated bulk SMS provider in India, helping businesses from a multitude of sectors to reach their target audience and increase sales. We provide bulk SMS services such as transactional SMS, promotional SMS, international SMS, informative SMS, and more to generate higher leads for our clients through SMS Marketing.

Reach out to us for bulk SMS campaigns, SMS API integrations, OTPs, information, alerts, two-way SMS, and more.

We Are An Extensive Bulk SMS Provider in Chennai

At Nettyfish, we provide reliable and easy to integrate SMS solutions for our clients based on their business requirements and market needs. Here are some of the best-in-class services offered for our customers to increase the overall ROI value.

Enterprise SMS Solution

We provide an all-in-one enterprise SMS solution based on the niche needs of your business to enhance the customer experience with alerts, information, promotional and transactional messages.

Smart SMS Solution

We are the best smart SMS bulk provider in Chennai and facilitate the businesses to support their CRM sales funnels and track the SMS campaign for better results.

International SMS

Send SMS to your customers on a global level with our SMS web UI and international SMS gateway and generate higher customer engagement and conversion rates.

Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcast is a cost-efficient and innovative way to attract customers to your business, and at Nettyfish we provide top-class voice broadcast services for the clients.

Premium MO and MT

Now, businesses can send long code and shortcode messages to the clients, and this is a way to get feedback and conduct surveys through the messages from the target audience.

Missed Call Solution

Apart from SMS services, Nettyfish also offers missed call solutions for our clients largely used for verification processes, queries, alerts, and lead generation.

IVR Solutions

At Nettyfish, we provide interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions based on the individual needs of the customer’s business and facilitate our clients to manage all the calls.

We Excel In All Types Of SMS Marketing

We strategically plan and execute our SMS marketing campaign based on the needs of the customers, and we are the best bulk SMS provider offering cost-effective services in India.

Transactional SMS

Reach out to Nettyfish to send transactional messages to your consented customers such as OTPs, bank messages, alerts, identity validation, and more. Businesses can easily register and start sending transactional messages to clients with us.

International SMS

At Nettyfish, we will aid businesses to send any type of messages internationally as well with the help of our web interface and suitable SMS gateways.

Promotional SMS

We provide extensive bulk SMS service in Chennai and help businesses to send promotional messages regarding any offers, discounts, sales to the consented target audience, which increases the overall revenue stream of the customers.

We Provide Our Comprehensive Bulk SMS Services to Various Industries

  • Banking and Finance
  • Logistics
  • ECommerce
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Airlines and Aviation
  • Healthcare
  • Automobiles
  • Advertising Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Tours and Travels and more

Benefits of SMS Marketing for Your Business

The technological advancements and demands in the market have led to the massive usage of smartphones all over the world. Hence, with proper SMS marketing campaigns, the brands can get higher leads and conversion rates when compared to email marketing. Here are some of the benefits of SMS marketing for your business.

Personalized Messages: Brands can send messages with a personalized touch, like including the audience name to create a human touch and attract potential buyers.

Global Reach: With SMS marketing, businesses can reach their potential customers throughout the world, which is not quite possible with other marketing campaigns without having to spend extra money.

High Open Rates: SMS cannot be ignored, like the emails; the users will eventually open an SMS someway or the other, so SMS has higher open rates and produces more leads than the emails.

Cost-Effective: Businesses have to spend high sums of money to get decent results in both conventional and digital marketing methods, but SMS marketing needs minimum investment.

Why Choose Nettyfish?

SMS Tracking

With Nettyfish, we provide suitable methods for the customers to track their SMS transactions and produce analytical reports to improve and optimize the SMS campaign.

High-Speed Delivery

We have both the technology and the connections to help the businesses deliver bulk messages to the target audience just within a few seconds.

Comprehensive Services

At Nettyfish, we provide all the SMS-based marketing services under one roof, such as transactional SMS, promotional SMS, international SMS, SMS gateways, APIs, and much more.

Reliable and Secure

We only ensure consented SMS transactions to your potential customers, offering security and reliability to our clients by only adhering to ethical SMS practices.

Optimal SMS Campaigns

We offer optimal solutions, personalized based on the individual needs of your business. We strive to obtain sustainable results using our strategic marketing campaigns.


We provide extensive support to our customers and solve any problems by finding sustainable solutions for all your company requirements.

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