Why Does an Educational Institute Need WhatsApp Chatbot?

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Have you ever wondered why an educational institute needs to use a chatbot? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons behind this decision.

Why Does an Educational Institute Need to Use a WhatsApp Chatbot?

The educational sector is embracing automation and modernizing their communication methods. In the past, circulars were sent through fax or email, but nowadays bulk SMS remains a crucial communication tool for many educational institutions. Bulk SMS is used to send notifications, reminders, and for internal communication. Today, WhatsApp is widely used by people all over the world, especially in India where it is the primary chat application. With features such as messaging, video and audio calling, and media sharing, many businesses are using WhatsApp for communication. To better serve businesses, WhatsApp has introduced a dedicated application called WhatsApp Business, which offers more features. In response, software developers have created WhatsApp chatbots for business and sales automation. WhatsApp API and chatbots have become popular for their ability to automate business communications, providing 24/7 availability, sales automation, customer support, and automatic query solving. Educational institutions can benefit from AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots as well.

WhatsApp Chatbot for Educational Sector

The WhatsApp chatbot is considered the future of corporate automation, offering various functionalities to improve company performance and enhance branding. While educational institutions have traditionally relied on bulk SMS for transactional and promotional messages, the WhatsApp chatbot can provide both types of messages for the education sector. The chatbot can benefit the education industry in several ways, such as providing 24/7 student support, facilitating communication, offering easy access to study materials, sending notifications, and announcing fees and due dates. Hence, it has become essential for educational institutes and sectors to incorporate WhatsApp chatbots. Utilizing WhatsApp chatbots can help elevate the education sector to the next level. Let’s explore the advantages of using WhatsApp chatbots in the educational sector.

Benefits of WhatsApp Chatbot in the Educational Sector

24/7 Availability

The automation feature of WhatsApp chatbots provides quick and real-time responses, ensuring 24/7 availability for students.

Driving Admissions through promotion

WhatsApp chatbot campaigns help educational institutions send promotional messages to many people, driving admissions.

Students’ Enrolment

Students can easily enroll in classes, extracurricular activities, and summer classes through WhatsApp chat. The chatbot can also collect and store student details.

Sharing studying materials and resources

WhatsApp chatbots make it easy for staff to share study materials and resources with students.

Rapport with parents

The WhatsApp chatbot helps build better rapport with parents by providing updates, attendance reports, mark sheets, and invitations for annual days and parents-teacher meetings.

Reminder and Alerts

WhatsApp chatbots help educational institutions send reminders and alerts for fees due, special class dates, education loans, scholarships, and more.

Sending Circular via Broadcast

Educational institutions can send circulars and announcements via WhatsApp broadcasts to students and parents.

Broadcasting Exam Schedule and Results

Exam schedules and results can be broadcasted via WhatsApp to keep parents and students updated.

Summer Class Promotions

WhatsApp chatbots help promote summer classes and make parents aware of such activities.


WhatsApp chatbots offer numerous benefits to the education sector, including improved communication, better student support, and increased enrollment. Nettyfish Solutions offers an AI-powered WhatsApp chatbot that can help improve your education institution.