6 Benefits of Bulk SMS in BFSI

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In this blog post, you will learn 6 Benefits of Bulk SMS in BFSI

6 Benefits of Bulk SMS in BFSI

Bulk SMS provides several advantages in a variety of industries. It also helps several benefits for the BFSI sector. BFSI stands for banking, finance, and insurance. The banking and financial sector needs Bulk SMS services for many purposes for communication and promotions. Bulk SMS services help the BFSI sector engage its customers with real-time communication updates and reminders by SMS automation. All the banking sectors must have SMS services for payment updates, credit reminders, due date alerts, OTP services, etc. BFSI sector also uses Promotional SMS for promoting new schemes, credit card features and insurance policies. Nowadays, most bank customers don’t use passbook entries after the automation enters an update sent to customers in real time. 

Advantages of Bulk SMS in BFSI

Real-time updates

Real-time updates of payment and transaction details can be sent to customers by SMS automation campaign. When the customer has done a transaction on their bank account, Credit, or debit card, any transactions will be sent to the customer’s mobile by SMS automation. SMS automation reduces the workload of the sector and increases customer satisfaction. 

Fast Reminder and Alerts

Send bulk SMS for reminders and alerts about new updates, policies, schemes and rules, and regulations has been sent to customers Bulk SMS campaign. A Fast reminders and alerts make the customer aware, feel satisfied and trust your sector. 

OTP and Authentication Messages

OTP and authentication messages used to avoid unsecured transactions and authentication misuses. OTP is a One Time Password which is generated and sent automatically to the customers when requested. OTP is used to secure financial transactions, authentication, and account verification. 

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS used to promote products or services. BFSI sector also uses promotional SMS to send promotional messages for new schemes, credit cards, new policies, new offers, discounts for loans, loan promotions, etc. Also, it is used to attract and grab new customers for BFSI.

Engaging Customers with Text

Engage your BFSI customer with a simple text message. Send reminders, alerts, announcements, information, and transactional to make good rapport from customers and BFSI. 

Announcement Alerts

Announcement alerts for the customers for BFSI application updates, new features, and products. An engaging the customers through announcements and notifications. It improved the customer’s trust and reliability. 

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