Benefits of sending Smart SMS

Benefits of sending Smart SMS

May 13, 2022

1. Receive Feedback

-  You use the Smart SMS option in order to receive feedback from your is important for calculating customer satisfaction amidst your current customers. You get to know on how customers looks into your products, support, and the company is irreplaceable.

2. Track SMS URL hits

- Once the SMS is sent along with URL link you can just click on the reports and check for number of hits through tracking system. This is to be aware of your customer behavior and make decisions on your marketing plan of actions, for this SMS campaign tracking is very much important in an organization. 

3. Inbuilt URL Shortener to send SMS with link

- While sending a Smart SMS from our Nettyfish portal you can find an pop up option to shotern the long URL before sending an SMS. Once the URL shortened you will be able to send SMS from the panel. The advantage of URL shortener is, you can cross promote your products and services with any of the links you're sharing. 

4. Send Coupon Code

- You can send coupon code for promotional offer along with your SMS to make the customer to buy the product. In order to avail the offer you can ask the end user to click on the link in the SMS. This make sures the customer to visit the online store and thereby increasing the chance of completing a sale.

5. Send Videos, Images, Document is SMS

- You can simply copy paste the link which contains the video or an image to be sent to the receiver of the SMS. When they click on the given link, they will be redirected to view your video.

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Benefits of sending Smart SMS