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Sending group SMS in a single click

Sending different SMS to different group of people is very simple with nettyfish online sms portal. Here are some few steps to send group SMS

  • Login with your registered user id and password, else signup for sending SMS
  • Click on Phonebook-Add new group and give a Name for your group for eg. “Office” and click add.
  • On clicking add, you will have a option to add the numbers either manually or via XLSX format. You can select any and start adding the numbers.
  • If you choose “Add Manually” Give the person’s name and phone number to start adding the contacts one by one. To check whether the number is added, click on “View all contacts of office”
  • If you choose “Upload via XLSX File” You should already have an excel file saved in your computer. Give Heading for A Column- Name and B Column as Number. Keep Names in A Column and Keep Mobile Number in B Column (Example:98xxxxxxxx) Do not add 0 or +91. Only 10 digit mobile numbers is required.
  • Click Choose file , Select that saved file from your computer and click upload. To check whether the number is added, click on “View all contacts of office”
  • To send SMS to that group, go to Messages-Group SMS- Select route type, sender name, send to : Group/Groups, Select the group you want to choose and bring it to right under selected groups.
  • Then you can either type the message content or choose from saved “my templates”, then you can select “send immediately” option or “Schedule SMS” option. Click send and the SMS will get delivered to all your selected group members.

Once all the groups are added, it is very simple and easy to send Quick SMS to groups in a single click. You can store all your contacts under different groups at a time and start sending sms in groups. Particularly when it comes to organization, this feature saves time and money for sending alerts and notifications to people in different sectors. You can check the delivery status also real-time reports.