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Voice Broadcast | Missed Call service | IVR

voice-missed-ivrVoice broadcasting software allows you to record your own voice and send it in bulk to number of people instantly. It is a great way to keep your customers updated with sales, offers and services as it adds a human touch when the your own voice is getting delivered. You can also send customized audio with music in the background of your voice. You can upload contacts and audio file to send and the delivery reports automatically gets updated instantly to know the status of the voice delivery to your customers. Mostly, Voice calls are used for announcement to members within a company, group or organizations of all sizes, analytics, surveys, sales promotion, event invitation, etc…

Missed call service is when a user avails a missed call number and promotes it to sell the product or service, the callers, when they call to that particular number; it gets disconnected automatically after few rings and an acknowledgement SMS can also be activated if necessary. The received calls will be stored on web with all the details like, caller’s phone number, date and time of call, and this call log can be viewed any time. Nettyfish Missed call software allows you to view the call logs, your missed call number, number of sms credits available, date and time of call. This helps you keep a track of all the users who are interested in your service and product and at the same time there is no chance to miss any lead. .

Interactive Voice response is online software which is more convenient, cost and time effective option for companies of all sizes to reduce the man power used on telephone communication. IVR is basically used to automatically connect the caller to the concerned department of the company instead traditional way of human transferring the call as per customers need. Here a recorded voice can be added to the IVR, and the recorded voice itself directs the customer to get them connected to right person who can solve their queries. The IVR software tracks the call history of the caller, Call conversation, Date and time of call; it also tracks even if the caller gives a missed call. IVR is hugely used by so many companies all over the world.