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Using SMS Gateway adds significance to your business

sms-gatewayMobile phone communications has transformed from luxury to common requirement for business people reach their customers. However, there are several difficulties in reaching large number of customers when sending them text messages through mobile phones. SMS Gateway is Software that reduces all these difficulties and complications by delivering text messages to them very easily in just a click.

SMS Gateway is a perfect way to send SMS in bulk for connecting your business to the outer world. SMS Gateway Tool pushes and pulls SMS smoothly over different channels from a particular network. Nettyfish SMS Gateway Software tool can be either used on web or integrated to your site or application; or be directly used on excel by installing a plug-in on your Computer without opening the browser to send out text messages. This tool is very useful for online marketing used by several businesses for product/services promotions, for sending automated verification codes from web to mobile, for sending class schedules, parent notifications in school, offer updates, transactional or payment messages, etc…  Now, even government is using bulk SMS gateway to reach out their professionals, volunteers  and broadly even to citizens.

Proficient internet marketers are always looking for new techniques to focus on targeted traffic and SMS Gateway Servers is being exceedingly vital to reach customers personally by sending text messages. Nettyfish SMS Gateway Software has quality in service speed on delivering the SMS instantly and to run the SMS advertising campaign with a scalable platform that can handle increase in the volume of SMS push and Nettyfish gives 100% surety in maintaining the users’ data in a secured manner. The SMS gateway also updates delivery report instantly on sending text message. The platform tracks the plan wise and gateway (promotion or transaction) wise delivery report updates, so you can understand the clients.