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Want to see how our SMS software works?

Sending group SMS in a single click

Sending different SMS to different group of people is very simple with nettyfish online sms portal. Here are some few steps to send group SMS

  • Login with your registered user id and password, else signup for sending SMS
  • Click on Phonebook-Add new group and give a Name for your group for eg. “Office” and click add.
  • On clicking add, you will have a option to add the numbers either manually or via XLSX format. You can select any and start adding the numbers.
  • If you choose “Add Manually” Give the person’s name and phone number to start adding the contacts one by one. To check whether the number is added, click on “View all contacts of office”
  • If you choose “Upload via XLSX File” You should already have an excel file saved in your computer. Give Heading for A Column- Name and B Column as Number. Keep Names in A Column and Keep Mobile Number in B Column (Example:98xxxxxxxx) Do not add 0 or +91. Only 10 digit mobile numbers is required.
  • Click Choose file , Select that saved file from your computer and click upload. To check whether the number is added, click on “View all contacts of office”
  • To send SMS to that group, go to Messages-Group SMS- Select route type, sender name, send to : Group/Groups, Select the group you want to choose and bring it to right under selected groups.
  • Then you can either type the message content or choose from saved “my templates”, then you can select “send immediately” option or “Schedule SMS” option. Click send and the SMS will get delivered to all your selected group members.

Once all the groups are added, it is very simple and easy to send Quick SMS to groups in a single click. You can store all your contacts under different groups at a time and start sending sms in groups. Particularly when it comes to organization, this feature saves time and money for sending alerts and notifications to people in different sectors. You can check the delivery status also real-time reports.

Bulk SMS Chennai

blog-1Nettyfish is one of the fast growing companies in the field of Bulk SMS service, Promotional sms, Transactional sms, SMS gateway, business sms, online bulk sms, Missed call service, IVR, voice broadcasting service, Chennai. The company provides bulk sms for promotion as well as transaction purposes. The company has lots of users in Tamilnadu as well as from other states of India. Bulk SMS in Chennai is the latest increasing technique of advertising the products and services instantly.

Bulk SMS Chennai mostly used for business promotion, Transaction in Institutes, Schools and Colleges for parent notification, students notification, teachers notification, class schedule notification, marks, stock brokers tips, hospitals, banks, media, travels, event and community, government etc…

Nettyfish provides Bulk SMS with pricings being very reasonable compared to other companies of Bulk SMS in Chennai. Nettyfish is one of the leading best bulk sms service providers in Chennai with comparative prices and assured data security. The quality in service, expertise technical team and dedicated 24x7 customer support gathered more clients in a short span of time. The company is planning to introduce more and more new products and services to keep their customers happy by providing latest online business development solutions on marketing as well as on transaction purpose to communicate easily one to one for any information, alerts or notification.

Voice Broadcast | Missed Call service | IVR

voice-missed-ivrVoice broadcasting software allows you to record your own voice and send it in bulk to number of people instantly. It is a great way to keep your customers updated with sales, offers and services as it adds a human touch when the your own voice is getting delivered. You can also send customized audio with music in the background of your voice. You can upload contacts and audio file to send and the delivery reports automatically gets updated instantly to know the status of the voice delivery to your customers. Mostly, Voice calls are used for announcement to members within a company, group or organizations of all sizes, analytics, surveys, sales promotion, event invitation, etc…

Missed call service is when a user avails a missed call number and promotes it to sell the product or service, the callers, when they call to that particular number; it gets disconnected automatically after few rings and an acknowledgement SMS can also be activated if necessary. The received calls will be stored on web with all the details like, caller’s phone number, date and time of call, and this call log can be viewed any time. Nettyfish Missed call software allows you to view the call logs, your missed call number, number of sms credits available, date and time of call. This helps you keep a track of all the users who are interested in your service and product and at the same time there is no chance to miss any lead. .

Using SMS Gateway adds significance to your business

sms-gatewayMobile phone communications has transformed from luxury to common requirement for business people reach their customers. However, there are several difficulties in reaching large number of customers when sending them text messages through mobile phones. SMS Gateway is Software that reduces all these difficulties and complications by delivering text messages to them very easily in just a click.

SMS Gateway is a perfect way to send SMS in bulk for connecting your business to the outer world. SMS Gateway Tool pushes and pulls SMS smoothly over different channels from a particular network. Nettyfish SMS Gateway Software tool can be either used on web or integrated to your site or application; or be directly used on excel by installing a plug-in on your Computer without opening the browser to send out text messages. This tool is very useful for online marketing used by several businesses for product/services promotions, for sending automated verification codes from web to mobile, for sending class schedules, parent notifications in school, offer updates, transactional or payment messages, etc…  Now, even government is using bulk SMS gateway to reach out their professionals, volunteers  and broadly even to citizens.